Anvanda: A Great F*king Bag

By John

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Now these guys speak my kind of language.

Being that I am a former soldier and I love a great conversation with others that share the same interest and can understand where I am coming from, I have to support the Avanda Campaign.

If you are interested in getting this bag, you can do so by going here and making a pledge to their Kickstarter campaign.

With many different colors to choose from and some cool features, this is one bag that you might want to boost.

We at mancarry support these guys and if you have not seen their marketing vid and are in the mood for some entertainment, I suggest you watch it now.

Not very fond of the looks but I do like the functionality that this bag provides.

The best part about this bag is the fact that it hasn’t even left the launchpad yet and I’m sure you know no one that owns one.

At the time of publishing this post, they have exceeded their goal by 9,360%.


If you want to grab yourself one, checkout their Indiegogo campaign and place your order now.

See The Anvanda Bag Here

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