Daniel’s The Perfect Leather Briefcase Review – Stylish and Affordable

By John

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Daniel’s Leather Briefcase looks absolutely amazing.

And that is coming from a dude that actually prefers a backpack due to the fact that I work from home and I don’t need to wear any fancy clothes that might get wrinkled.

Now for those of you business peeps and/or job goers, this might just be the new bag for you.

Then again, I might just have to get me one just for the looks and very affordable price.

Product Overview

Daniel’s Leather Briefcase was created by Daniel Scott who had the idea, due to his want for a leather briefcase that he could not find for under $300.

So of course he decided to change things by cutting out the middle man (retail stores) and manufacturing his product with some high quality leather from Brazil that he has created in a leather shop in North America.

It has enough space for a 15″ laptop along with everything else that you would normally carry.

Unless of course you are taking your whole house to work.

Design – Stylish & Functional

I am really impressed with the overall design of this pack and I liked the inner lining design as it just goes well with the overall look.

Many others seem to think the same as there are many backers paying the extra $15 for the sailboat pattern but I think the fox is just as great.

The briefcase comes in two different colors (black and brown) and the messenger straps can be taken off if need be.

There are also pockets to organize your gear, unlike most messenger style bags or purses that have you dump everything in just to have you scrounging around for something as simple as a pen.

The Price

Still in the Kickstarter phase, you can grab yourself one for a lot cheaper and earlier than anyone else if you do decide to get one.

You can get Daniel’s leather briefcase for $149 or you can get the sailboat pattern for an extra charge of $15.

For a leather briefcase, you can bet that this is very much affordable as you will not find one for a cheaper price with the type of quality.


We support this product due to its overall quality, functionality, and affordable price, so if you agree, check them out on Kickstarter and give them a boost.

As a huge fan of kickstarter products and supporting other people’s ideas, we find this to be well worth the money and therefore we are backing them.

We think that you should do the same, if this is something you like.


Click Here to See Daniel’s Leather Briefcase


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