40 Hobbies For Men They’ll Actually Enjoy

By John Cruz

These hobbies for men are the best you will find on the web.

As a man, we are constantly looking for something different to do and sometimes we could use a little help.

Since when were men so complicated?

Since the world decided to make us soft.

It is what it is, but we can save that discussion for another day.

For now, let’s see the many different hobbies for men that can have you occupied in no time.

I took on golf and soccer during the pandemic, and I seem to add other things as I get older.

If you are in the same boat, check out this list of hobbies for men so you, too, can find something better to do.

Hobbies For Men


I’ve done many things and seen all the recommendations on the best hobbies for men, and I was not satisfied.

They are all rehashed, copied, and not that interesting.

Of course, you’ll find the obvious, but the overall lists weren’t quite satisfying.

So, I had to dig into my bag of tricks to find better hobbies for men.

If you are looking for something to get into, here there are, and in no particular order.

1. Golf

Golf is one of the best hobbies I’ve ever got into, and I’m glad I did.

If only I had taken on this hobby at a younger age, then maybe, just maybe, I wouldn’t be so horrible at it.

Although not the easiest sport to play, golf is one relaxing and enjoyable thing you can and should take on as a hobby.

There are many reasons to play golf and why you should consider this for your next hobby.

2. Remote-Controlled Things

Whether drones or remote-controlled cars, RCs are some of the best things you can do as a hobby.

There are big groups and RC forums dedicated to these things, but there’s nothing wrong with doing it in your free time.

Do know that this can become time-consuming and expensive, but it will keep you busy for years.

3. Start a Niche Website

Niche websites are one of the best hobbies to get into, regardless of who you are.

Not only is it fun and a great hobby for men, but it can pay you more than any job you’ve ever held.

Yup, niche websites are a money-making machine, and Jon Dykstra can give you a preview with his free course.

4. Treasure Hunting

Treasure hunting can be one heck of a hobby.

And, no, I don’t mean some fantasy stuff, but real-deal treasure hunting.

This idea comes from YouTube, as my kids constantly show me the craziness they watch.

One of them just happens to be about some dude that finds golden nuggets and other treasures in different lakes.

Some of his finds aren’t what we want to see, but he does find some cool things.

5. Metal Detecting

If you live by the ocean or anywhere with sand, metal detecting is something you should consider.

It’s a great way for you to spend time outdoors, as well as the opportunity to find some cool things left behind by beachgoers.

If I weren’t so into golf, I would probably be metal detecting at the beach.

Hey, imagine how many rings and other jewelry get lost there?

Yup, grab yourself a metal detector and start sweeping the sand.

6. Become a Dremel Geek

I got a Dremel tool for my son’s project, and boy, was I amazed.

If you have one, I’m sure you can see how valuable this tool really is, and if you haven’t, you might want to get one.

This tool can have you doing all kinds of projects that can be done in the comfort of your home.

Unlike the next best hobby for men, this is for simple projects that require putting holes in popsicle sticks and other small tasks.

7. Woodworking

You will find this on every other men’s hobby list, and that’s because it’s cool.

It keeps you busy, it’s fun, and you can create some things for your home.

Tables, chairs, shelves, you name it.

With a circular saw, some wood, and nails, you can create pieces for your home that you can brag about at your next gathering.

8. Become MacGyver

As a father with four kids, keeping things intact is hard.

Tables and chairs start falling apart, doors start squeaking, and other things start happening that often go unnoticed.

If you’ve seen the TV show Macguyver, you will know what I’m talking about.

If not, you can take a peek here and see how you can MacGyver things around your house.

A Dremel tool will work great here too.

9. Scuba Diving/Snorkeling

Again, if you have water around you, this is one of the best hobbies for men.

If you have not tried at least snorkeling, you don’t know what you’re missing out on.

It’s the simplest but most fulfilling thing you could do, all from the simplicity of a mask and snorkel.

10. Paddleboarding

Sticking with the ocean and beach theme, paddleboarding is another great hobby for men.

Not only are you getting out there with the beautiful creation that God has created, but you also get some exercise.

Most people haven’t heard of paddleboarding, which is why it’s one of the better hobbies to get into these days.

11. Blogging

Like Niche websites, blogging is one of the better hobbies on this list.

I mean, what better way to talk about something you are interested in, all while having the ability to make money?

Talk about life, your lunch, and whatever else you feel like talking about.

I blog, and so do many others who make their living with their hobbies.

12. Yardwork

If you have a yard, you must cut and maintain the grass, right?

Most men understand that but go out of their way to complain.

I personally find enjoyment in cutting grass and cleaning my yard.

It’s the after part that is so satisfying.

Looking at the work you did, all while sipping on a cold beer?

Yes, it’s amazing, and this could be your next hobby.

13. Gardening

With the price of everything, there’s no better time to start gardening than now.

You can save lots of money, enjoy fresh produce, and have the satisfaction of knowing that you grew the same food you’re eating.

No pesticides and a much happier wallet.

If there’s one hobby on this list that comes with the most benefits, it would have to be gardening.

13. Home Brewing

While we’re on the topic, why not throw home brewing in the mix?

This is not the newest hobby men are adopting, but it’s definitely unique and one that you might find interesting.

There’s a lot that goes into brewing some good beer from home, so give it a try and see how it goes.

Don’t forget that Hank from Breaking Bad brewed his stuff almost a decade ago.

14. Craft Beers

Craft beers have been around for a while, but there is still a good following.

Men from all over get together to taste different beers, which has become quite a hobby.

The problem with this hobby is that it’s not the healthiest, and it’s not the cheapest either.

If you have the money and a healthy lifestyle, this can be a great hobby to pick up.

15. Crush Candy

I hesitated about putting this on this list, but I did it.

It’s not the most productive, but if you want to pass some time and pursue greatness, Candy Crush can help.

It’s super addicting and, although simple, will keep you busy for a really long time.

I started playing while my wife was in labor and continued to play for about two years.

I don’t play as much, but let me know if you have beaten or gotten to level 3000 because I finally achieved that.

Thanks to a recent storm, which knocked out our electricity and internet.

16. Play an Instrument

Instruments are not hard to play, and they are one of the best hobbies for men.

How many people do you know who started playing an instrument and were immediately good?

No one.

If you think you’re going to be the next Eric Clapton, forget about it.

That doesn’t mean you can’t pick it up as a hobby.

17. Painting

I took an art class in college, and I never knew how interesting painting really was.

There are different types of paint that do different things, and it can become a really good hobby if you give it a chance.

It’s not expensive at all and can also be very good for your mental health.

Not to mention the possibility of earning some dough.

18. Sketching

Like painting, sketching is very rewarding but costs less.

With a sketchpad and a pencil, you can bring out the inner artist.

You don’t need any experience.

You just need some time.

And, if you want to take things up a notch, you can always try charcoal.

19. Play a Sport

Some of you might be a bit up there in age, and that’s okay.

I picked up soccer in my late 30s, and I’m glad I did.

Not only did it give me something to learn about, but it helped me to find a way to get active again.

Soccer is just one of many other sports you can consider.

20. Astronomy

Astronomy is a great hobby for anyone.

Who isn’t interested in the stars, the moon, and the galaxy?

If you haven’t seen what these amazing things look like up close, you need to look into a telescope.

The beauty will amaze you and will have you wondering how in the world there are billions of stars out there.

This is true.

Look it up.

21. Become a Gamer

I never thought I would be saying this, but gaming is one of the biggest hobbies on the planet.

Although only 5% more males play games than women, this is still one of the more common hobbies for men.

You can build realistic-looking things in Minecraft or forts on Fortnite, or you can sink three-pointers and throw touchdown passes in one of many sports games.

Gaming isn’t going anywhere and is definitely one hobby to consider.

22. Billiards

Billiards is one thing that anyone can play.

You take a stick and hit a ball to hit other balls in a hole.

Sorry to discredit you, professional pool players, but, like golf, it’s for all skill levels.

If you plan to play better, billiards can be one competitive hobby, as well as a money maker.

23. Darts

Shooting some darts is a great way to pass the time.

I often throw some at a board while I’m drinking some beer, but others take the hobby seriously.

You can take this as a hobby, but once you start talking flights and shafts, you know things just got real.

24. Hunting

Hunting is one hobby that people absolutely enjoy.

They like dealing with their hunting equipment and gear and, for some crazy reason, sitting in a tree stand.

Depending on what you are hunting, this can be a hobby that will last a really long time.

25. Archery

When was the last time you saw a bow and arrow?

I saw one while at a dorm party in Ohio, and let’s just say it wasn’t being used for the right reasons.

However, I was really amazed at what this thing could do, and there’s a whole community of archers waiting to educate you about your possible hobby.

26. Coin Collecting

If I knew what I was doing when it came to coins, I would collect them.

As a kid, I would keep anything that seemed old.

If only I kept those.

These days, all kinds of coins are worth a lot of money, and you could own one if you consider this hobby.

27. Chess

I don’t play chess, but a lot of people I know do.

It’s a game that requires lots of thinking and strategy and one that can have you addicted in no time.

You can play it with your family, online, or even at a place where old people hang out.

Not to say you need to be old, but I just see some serious chess players in the park.

28. Photography

I don’t know how this hobby ended up in the 28th spot, but this is definitely something that belongs at the top.

Not only is it fun and comes with some of the coolest gear out there, but it’s something that is actually enjoyable.

If you want to take on something new, photography is it.

29. Dancing

I’m far from being a dancer, but I know there are some men that do it.

Some dance with the stars, while others do it as a way to get some exercise.

Whatever you think about it, dancing is one hobby that seems to be getting more men involved.

30. Cooking

Cooking is an art.

Some cook to survive – which is totally normal – but if you understood what it takes to cook some of the best food in the world, you would appreciate the process more.

It’s amazing how adding different ingredients together creates some of the best-tasting foods in the world, and that is why I think cooking is a great hobby.

Just don’t get too good at it, or your family might ask you to make everything.

31. Hiking

Hiking is one of the best hobbies for men.

You get away from the digital world, you get some needed exercise, and you get to explore many lands that others will never see.

Strap on your hiking boots and see what different parts of your town look like.

There’s a lot to see, and sometimes it requires a nice walk to get there.

32. Fishing

What better hobby is there than fishing?

If you fish, you’ll know that there are many satisfying benefits that come with such a hobby.

You get to use some cool gear, you can enjoy the company of friends, and you can bring dinner home.

What better way to spend your time than through something like fishing?

33. Lego Building

Have you ever tried putting a Lego set together?

It’s not easy.

At least the ones that are for older kids.

However, when you’re done building something, it’s quite satisfying.

Knowing you were able to complete one and the end result is worth taking this up as a hobby.

34. Model Car Building

I have always loved model cars since I was a kid.

My very first build was a flop, but it taught me that there’s more to model cars than putting them together and slapping some paint on them.

You need to put in some time to make them nice, and you need to be passionate about it.

It’s the same as a real car, only model cars don’t guzzle gas.

35. Eating

Okay, this isn’t the healthiest idea, but I think it’s a great way to explore and get out of your comfort zone.

There are all kinds of food out there, but the brats of this world are too good to try other things.

Instead of eating the same hamburger nonsense all the time, go and try other cuisines.

It’s a great way to be different and can also be a lucrative business model.

36. Biking

Biking is something you can and should do regardless of what you do in life.

Get a bike that suits your needs and makes it enjoyable for you.

Some may like riding on the road, while others prefer some trails.

I ride my bike to work and use it for leisurely things, but even that isn’t enough.

Get out there and make biking your thing.

37. Backpacking

Do you know what backpacking is?

If not, you might want to do some research.

There are many backpackers in the world that travel to countries they know nothing about, all while meeting other backpackers.

Join in on the fun, as this is one of the best hobbies for men looking to take adventure to another level.

38. Cornhole

Cornhole has really taken off in the past five years or so.

People from all walks of life are doing it, as it provides entertainment at parties and there are full-on competitions.

You can purchase a whole set, or you can even make your very own cornhole board.

The bags are probably best bought, but I’m sure you can make them as well.

39. CrossFit

I figured CrossFit was a trend, but it has managed to stick around a lot longer than expected.

With competitions and dedicated individuals, CrossFit seems to be around for the long haul.

Find a local CrossFit gym in your area, and see why this could be one of the best hobbies for men.

40. Card Collector

There are all kinds of cards that people collect and it gives you many options.

You can do the usual sports, comics, or even make a million bucks with some Pokemon cards.

There’s money to be made with cards and it can serve as your new hobby.

Conclusion – Get a New Hobby

There are many hobbies for men, you will have to get out there and do something.

They will help deal with the stress that comes with this crazy world we live in.

Pick up a new hobby, build some confidence, and I promise that life will be much more enjoyable.

Now, you tell me.

What hobby will you be picking up, and/or what is your current hobby?


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