7 Best Places to Work Remotely When Home Gets Too Busy



There are many places to work remotely, even if you work from home.

I do it for many reasons, even if I have an entire home office.

I know that being able to work from home is fantastic, and I love it.

Everything about it.

We get to work wherever we want, choose our hours, and pick whatever days we want to work.

However, it does come with its challenges.

As an online entrepreneur, I find it challenging to find a nice place to get work done.

As a father of four, the homefront is one of the last places I think of if I want to get some quality work done.

I need a place that allows me to concentrate on my work.

One that allows me to have complete focus on what I’m doing.

You online entrepreneurs know what I’m talking about, and I’m sure you all have your spots.

We have places that we frequent, even if we claim to “work from home”.

Some are no-brainers, but here are some places you have probably considered but never actually tried.

Best Places to Work Remotely

As a dad, I love working from home.

I like my home office, but I have many days that I need to get away.

Not to say I don’t like being around my wonderful and adventurous children, but most days, dad needs to get some work done.

So, I find myself working all over the place, and it helps me become that much more productive.

And as an online entrepreneur, I like to share thoughts and ideas with everyone.

So, if you want to see some of the best places to work remotely, here are my favorite spots.

1. Coffe Shops


Coffee shops are ubiquitous and easily accessible, the best places to work remotely.

Very much like I’m doing right now.

It’s my go-to for getting work done, and not only because everyone does it.

It’s a place where I can get a nice drink and use their WIFI and restroom, all for just $6.

Although people rush in and out of them, I can work just fine unless I run into the occasional friend.

You’ll get a nice background noise and a pleasant working environment with the oh-so-common coffee shop.

2. Hotel Lobbies


Not everyone knows or has the luxury of this remote getaway, but hotel lobbies are a great place to get work done.

Most have coffee shops and tons of places to plant your behind.

They have tables and couches, and some even have little offices you can use.

Not to mention free WIFI and many little stores where you can get food.

Hotel lobbies are one of the best places to work remotely, and you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a room either.

3. Public Parks


What’s better than getting work done while being one with nature?

Probably sitting in a coffee shop with some AC.

However, changing things up always helps with productivity.

I can’t and do not choose to work in one place all the time.

Coffee shops and hotel lobbies are great, but I tend to get bored and not focus on my work.

That’s when I grab a beach chair and head to the park.

I get so much work done thanks to the serene work environment that the great outdoors has.

75% of indoor workers don’t take the time to work outside, missing out on the many benefits.

Don’t be a part of that statistic and consider a public park for your next office of the day.

4. The Beach


This might not apply to everyone, but if it does, good for you.

The beach is one of the best remote places to work, and it is one of the places where I get lots of quality work done.

When you think of the beach, you think swim and lots of sand in the car.

At least that’s what I think with the many humans in my family.

However, I have found the beach to be one of my favorite getaway spots to work.

It’s just me, my laptop, and a great working environment.

5. The Library


I know a lot has changed in just a few years and physical books aren’t the most popular.

That does not mean libraries are obsolete, and it doesn’t mean you can’t visit one.

What better place to work than one where you HAVE to be quiet?

Libraries are one place where you can’t make any noise and are great for changing up your usual spot.

I’ve done this a few times, but they also go hand in hand with the next best place to work remotely.

6. Colleges and Universities


This recommendation is not for everyone, but this is an excellent place to work remotely if you have access.

Libraries are great, and all but libraries at a college are even better.

You get to take advantage of the quiet space, but you get a healthy traffic flow from other students.

Not all universities allow strangers to roam their campus, so figure out what you’re allowed to do and see if you can utilize their space.

7. Co-Working Space


I like more of a free place to get work done and work remotely, but a co-working space is amazing if you have the money.

Depending on your area’s offers, you can rent a lovely space to work.

Different sizes come with different prices, and they all come with some incredible amenities.

You can get free Coffee, postal service, conference rooms, and the option to have your very own space, to name a few.

They were trendy before the pandemic, and with restrictions lifted, they will again be the place of choice for remote workers.

Benefits of Working Remotely

There are many reasons why I find myself at coffee shops and other places to work remotely.

The biggest reason I need to work remotely is I have four kids.

It’s hard to get anything done when you love your kids, and they love you.

When I’m getting into my work, one of them will have a question for me.

Not to say it’s a bad thing, but it doesn’t help get any quality work done.

Working remotely also allows you to change your work environment if you tend to get bored like me.

Conclusion of the Best Places to Work Remotely

I love working from home, and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

I make my hours, and I decide where I want to work.

Not many jobs allow for such choices, and I’m grateful for the internet and what it provides.

So, when you are looking for your next office of the day, don’t forget your favorite everyday carry and make the best of your time.

I hope this list of places to work remotely helps you be more productive, and I hope you understand how blessed you are to be working wherever you want.

Remember to work hard, but never forget where you came from or how things can change overnight.

Thanks for reading!

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