The Seiko Men’s Solar Watch: Time Powered by the Sun

By Jonah Ryan

Watches have always been a sort of representation of the man who wears it. Not necessarily the price tag, but the style and functions. If you’re a simple man, and there’s nothing wrong with that, you might find yourself with a watch that only tells time. Its design might be plain, and straight to the point.

Others might have shiny, fancy watches with plenty of features. Again, there’s nothing wrong with that. But the perfect middle ground, the best sweet spot between the two, is a highly functional, simply designed watch.

With the Seiko Men’s Solar Watch you get the best of both worlds. You get a simple design, just a strap with a time piece, but with plenty of usefulness.

You find yourself with time powered by the sun. How’s that? Well, this watch is solar powered, obviously given the name.

The Seiko Men’s Solar Watch is one of my favorites. Its design doesn’t draw much attention. It shows that you have better things to do than to flash off a multi-thousand dollar watch. I’m into functionality and efficiency, and that’s exactly what this solar watch brings to the table.

The Top Features of the Seiko Men’s Solar Watch

Although this solar watch doesn’t boast diamonds and gold, it certainly provides plenty of different features. Once it’s fully charged from the sun, the watch can last up to 10 months!

That’s right, no more switching batteries and replacing dead watches. The sun is there, and it’s going to stay there for a while which means your watch is almost always charging.

This watch also has a heavy-duty nylon strap with a buckle. It’s rugged and doesn’t brake under pressure. you can even take it swimming with you, since it’s water resistant down to 100 meters. No scuba diving, but casual swimming in the pool or lake doesn’t mean you have to take off your watch anymore.

As far as time-telling, the Seiko solar watch sticks to the simple design and only shows two things: Time and the date. For the man that doesn’t need all the extra timers and laser lights, this watch is a perfect fit. If you’re using the watch at night, the dial and times will illuminate for you.

Quality and Durability of the Solar Watch

As far as quality and durability goes, the Seiko Men’s Solar Watch is nearly perfect. Although nylon isn’t always the strongest material, Seiko makes sure to use multi-layered tear-resistant nylon.

The time piece itself is surrounded by 43mm of steel. That’s right, close to the strongest, most durable material on the planet. Don’t worry about dropping it on the ground or in the pool, you’re all covered.

Final Thoughts

The Seiko Men’s Solar Watch is a perfect blend of minimalism and futuristic technology. You’re getting your time powered by the sun while retaining the rugged, functional approach.

This solar watch is perfect for anyone looking for a watch without all the bells and whistles that many others come with, and at a pretty decent price of around $100.

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