Welcome to Mancarry.com!

I’m John and I’m the owner of this site.

I’m a fan of bags and functional gear but most especially those that can help us be that much more productive.

I guess you can say I’m a minimalist (somewhat) and that’s probably because I served in the US Army as a scout, which most likely developed my “pack light” mentality.

Just like every single one of you, I am just a normal dude that loves his gear, being in style, and most especially being with my family.

I believe in God and I do believe that things happen for a reason.

I love to travel, play with my kids, and blogging is another passion of mine.

About This Site

With my strong interest in being in style, I decided to create an entire website dedicated to you guys that share the same interests.

On this site you will find updates on the latest gear as well as reviews on products that you might not be so sure about getting.

I know how it is to purchase things that we end up wasting money on, so I do hope this site helps you save time and most especially some money.

Feel free to browse this site and please do ask if you have any questions about anything associated with this site.

Welcome again and thanks for visiting!

– John

Owner, Mancarry.com