What is EDC? The Beginner’s Guide to Everyday Carry

By John Cruz

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What is EDC?

Simply put, EDC stands for everyday carry.

You will hear about it more and more as this modern world evolves and you’ll just have to get used to it.

As far as EDC, this is what a person hauls around on a daily basis.

Hence the words every, day, and carry.

Pretty simple, right?

It is, but with everyone and their fathers carrying around more than just a wallet and some keys, it only makes sense to carry some kind of bag to put everything else in.

As a human, your EDC is going to be important.

How you prepare it, what you put it in, and how you look in that thing you put it in.

So, before filling your pockets to their capacity, let’s see what EDC really means and how you should deal with it.


Your Guide to EDC (everyday carry)

Everyday carry is the essentials you carry.




There are the “youzhe” (things you absolutely need), and then there’s the extra stuff.

Regardless of whether you use them or not, these items are called your EDC.

The bag you put them in would be your EDC bag.

You would put all your gear and other useful items here.

But before you start hoarding, let’s review some of the different types of EDC.

The Basic EDC

Personally, I don’t always carry an EDC bag.

It’s not that I don’t like it.

It’s just sometimes I don’t need it.

If I’m going to run to the store, I’m not the type of dude that needs a whole manbag.

I grab my keys, my phone, and my wallet.

That’s about it.

If I need more, then, of course, I grab my EDC bag.

Besides that, your basic EDC is as simple as having those three things.

The Not-So-Basic EDC

You can carry just a bit more stuff to take things up a notch.

This will consist of things that a more busybody would have.

  • Cellphone
  • Wallet
  • Keys
  • Napkins or small rag
  • Pen
  • Note pad

You would usually find this in my EDC bag when I’m at the mall or wearing shorts without pockets.

That’s usually when I’m outdoors or coaching, as I don’t care for shorts that don’t have pockets.

The Ultimate Man’s EDC

As men, we tend to act like women.

And that’s okay.

We take our EDC up to maximum capacity, and we start to carry more things we deem necessary.

This EDC type consists of much more than the basics and usually comes with the DIY, handyman type of dude.

  • Cellphone
  • Wallet
  • Keys (with a rad keychain)
  • Small rag
  • Pen (upgraded to tactical)
  • Notepad (upgraded to Rite in the Rain)
  • Multitool
  • Flashlight
  • Lighter
  • + other more personal items

Once you get to this level of EDC, you can’t go anywhere without your bag.

You might also carry a bunch of stuff you hardly ever use.

However, you will find every reason you need it in your EDC.

What’s in Your EDC?

You need no specific items in your EDC, as we are all different.

Not all of us need a multitool, and not many feel the need to carry a lighter.

Depending on your lifestyle, hobbies, and way of life, you will have other items you carry in your EDC.

These days, you can bet that you’ll see more men carrying an EDC bag of some sort.

Whether it be a fanny pack, sling, or small pouch, you will see it slung over their shoulder.

It’s a statement piece and definitely part of their style.

Your EDC List

As humans in this modern world, we all carry different things.

Not a single one of us leaves our homes without grabbing something deemed necessary.

It’s part of our lives and is definitely something we can add to our EDC list.

We all live different lifestyles, so what I carry is probably not what you carry.

However, we probably carry some of the basics, as that’s just how things are.


Our mobile device is probably the most important item in today’s EDC.

Leave home without it, and it’s like leaving your right arm behind.

Your life is over.

As one of the most important items of your EDC, plan around it.


Once again, the modern world requests more necessities.

This time, it’s the contents of your wallet.

This piece of leather holds some of your most valuable EDC items.

Your maxed-out credit cards, your driver’s license with a picture of you when you weighed 100 lbs less, and the useless membership cards you got when you went to that restaurant for the first time.

Wallets are a must and are one very important part of your EDC.


Keys are important and must be carried for your car, home, or both.

As another “key” component to your EDC, you must figure out the best way to carry this not-so-convenient piece.

And, if you decide to pimp it out with a keychain, remember that you will need more space.

Don’t forget that you will also need to carry your keys while running, so consider reading this post to see the best way to do it.


As a modern man, you want to carry a pen.

Rather than always asking the bank teller for a pen, add one to your EDC.

There are so many amazing pens out there, so grab one that you actually like.

There are those fancy bolt-action Tactile pens and many other tactical-style pens that can break windows and all that cool stuff.

Carry a pen, even if it’s one of those cheap Bic pens.


Your cell phone can take all kinds of notes, and you wonder why you need a notepad.

I don’t care how many note-taking apps you’ve tried, nothing beats a good old pen and paper.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll know that those apps are great but not our go-to for taking real notes.

Then again, don’t get a notepad.

Take what you feel is important.

If you don’t need a notepad, so be it.


This is where EDC gets a lot more serious.

What seemed to be a simple thing has now turned into a lifestyle.

If you are starting to look for tools that you can add to your EDC, you have now entered the EDC lifestyle.

Welcome, and enjoy.

I do recommend you get a basic multitool that won’t weigh you down.


When was the last time you looked for a flashlight?

These days, we pull our cell phones out, and it does the job.

That’s the case until you find yourself at the soccer field, looking for a piece of jewelry, or in the middle of a disaster trying to navigate your pitch-black house.

That what seemed useless flashlight could’ve come in handy.

I know you won’t use it much (yet), but adding it to your EDC won’t hurt.

Like a lot of things in life, it’s better to have and not need than to need and not have.

Why Carry an EDC Bag?

As a modern human being, you will most likely get into EDC.

The best part about EDC bags is that you get to have all your necessities in one place.

Zip, grab, and zip.

Even better, you now have a place to put anything you acquire along the way.

Man bags are in, my friend, so get with the program and start building your EDC bag now.

I must say, you might get addicted, so don’t be too hard on your credit card.

I do recommend you buy a nice EDC bag to start and then build out your gear along the way.

Conclusion – Embrace Your EDC

EDC is here, and it isn’t going anywhere.

Look around you, and you will see that most men are carrying some bag.

Be it a backpack, messenger bag, or a nice sling, you will see that times have changed.

If you want to be a more confident man, grab a nice EDC bag, and you’ll see how cool it makes you feel.

Just try it.

Until next time, what are some cool or odd things in your EDC?

Hand sanitizer?



Let’s hear it!

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