5 Important Things You Should Know About Subscription Boxes

By John Cruz

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You should know many things about subscription boxes before you “subscribe.”

Not many know what they are getting themselves into, and they find out later on down the road.

This causes all kinds of emotions, and the subscriber (that might be you soon) leaves a subscription service with a bad taste in their mouth.

Don’t be that guy (or gal).

Get educated, learn what you need to learn, and things will be smooth sailing.

Join one without knowing these things; you might become another Karen.

Who knows?


Things You Should Know About Subscription Boxes

Subscriptions are a huge part of our lives and come in different forms.

We’re subscribed to our house, MONTHLY bills like power and water, and of course, Netflix and other not-so-necessary things in life.

Subscription boxes are the latest craze of subscriptions, and they might be something of interest to you.

There aren’t a million things you need to know about subscription boxes, but a few are quite valuable.

To help my fellow humans out, I have put together this list.

Take what you can from it.

Use it to your advantage.

But please do not complain later if you encounter any problems.

So, before you join your next subscription box, here is what you should know.

1. Subscription Boxes Are in!

In case you haven’t heard, subscription boxes are in.

Everyone and their mothers are getting into them and for good reason.

The popularity of subscription boxes has sky-rocketed, thanks to the amount of them available out there.

Whether you’re into cosmetics or golf, there’s most likely a subscription box for you.

So, if you’re as indecisive as most people today, you might want to subscribe.

To a box, that is.

2. Subscription Boxes Have Been Around

Some of you might just be learning about subscription boxes, and that’s okay.

You might have some FOMO, but you’ll live.

The best part is that it’s never too late.

There’s a subscription box with your name on it, waiting to be shipped out as soon as today.

Thanks to companies like Birchbox, the subscription box craze is only becoming more popular.

3. It is a Monthly Subscription

Most people who join a subscription box service forget it’s a subscription.

Like the fine folks at Sumup say, “a subscription is an arrangement whereby goods, services, or stock are sold periodically rather than individually.

You probably don’t even know this comes in many forms.

That Netflix thing you binge on?

That’s a subscription.

Those Melaleuca products you get overloaded with?

That’s a subscription.

In the world of subscription boxes, that periodical is on a monthly basis.

So, guess what that means?

It means you must pay a monthly fee for the box you will get.

This becomes a problem when times get tough, and you can no longer afford to pay.

Remember this when considering a subscription box.

4. You Need to Cancel Manually

When those times get complicated, and you no longer can afford your subscription box, you need to act.

The subscription box isn’t going to cancel itself.

Some subscription boxes made me jump through hoops to cancel, while others were a breeze.

Whatever may happen, be prepared for the worst.

5. You Can Create Your Very Own Subscription Box

As awesome as subscription boxes sound, most people don’t know you can create your own.

Yup, you can start a business that you never thought possible.

Crate Joy has an excellent article on how to start a subscription box service, so check that out if you are interested in creating one.

Conclusion – Get Subscribed

There are thousands of subscription boxes that you can subscribe to, you just have to find them.

If you’re like me, and you’re into golf, there are many you can choose from.

I’m subscribed to Mullybox as they offer great equipment and are very affordable.

It’s kind of hard to mess up golf equipment as long as you stick with the more popular brands.

Well, that’s about it for subscription boxes, and I hope you have found this helpful in one way or another.

You should know many things about subscription boxes, but what else do you know?

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