8 Better Ways to Carry Your Keys While Running

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Finding a spot for your keys, your phone, and other belongings deemed necessary while on a run is beyond complicated and can become a problem if you don’t fix it.

You can either keep stressing over where you’re going to put your stuff every single time you run, or you can get the solution here and never have to worry about it again.

This post has more than enough options for storing your stuff while you’re out trying to stay in shape, so I’m sure you will find one that works for you.

I remember the days when I would try to find a hiding spot for my keys and how I never really thought of a solution for this problem.

I would put it on my tire, hide it in a bush, or just leave the keys behind while I carried the remote for the keyless entry.

Thinking about all of that reminds me of how many years I dealt with that before finally doing something about it.

Well, I guess you can say it’s better late than never, and here are several options for those of you who are dealing with the same issue.


1.) Leave it Behind

Depending on where you are will determine if this will work for you.

If you are running straight out of your house and someone is home, leave the darn thing there.

There’s no point in bringing it with you, as we don’t need any jingling going on to give us more excuses as to why we didn’t have a good run.

This is typically a no-brainer, but some people will not really understand this unless they are told.

Of course, not all of us have the luxury of leaving our keys at home (because that’s what this article is about), so let’s just move on.

I’m sure you can figure this one out on your own.

2.) The Old Shoe Lace Trick

If you have a single key, this is one great hack, especially if it’s a small little house key.

This is something I ended up finding out about later in life, and it is one that I haven’t utilized just yet.

Maybe it’s because I don’t run that far?

Maybe it’s because I use another way?

That’s just me, but I’m sure this will help those of you who want to secure your key, all while not even noticing that it is on you.

By undoing one of your laces, you can then thread your key about two slots down, put it back on, and voila!

Check out this video from Marathon Sweetheart, as she does a great job at explaining all this.

3.) Wolaco’s Compression Pants and Shorts

See it Here

This is probably your best bet if you are looking for more than just a way to carry your keys while running.

These shorts not only stow keys but can also fit your mobile device.

On top of that, these are actually compression-type fabric, which compresses your muscles for better blood flow for better performance.

There are other brands out there, but Wolaco is known for its durable wear that can last a long time and help with your overall performance.

You can find these bad boys on Amazon.com, and they go for around $50.

4.) Key Wristband

See it Here

Yup, there is such a thing, and if you’re not sporting a nice little Fitbit or Apple Watch, why not store your key and make it seem like you have one by using one of these?

Probably the cheapest and simplest method, a key wristband might just be your new best friend while you’re on those oh-so-lovely runs.

FitKicks has a solid version of this that I’m sure you’ll find to be a nice little accessory to add to your lifestyle.

They go for around $9 on Amazon.com, so you won’t need a loan.

5.) Running Belt

See it Here

You might just be impressed if you have not seen one of these.

A running belt (or runner’s belt) is one invention that didn’t take much thought, but we prefer the FlipBelt for its unique design and overall functionality.

Forget about zippers and putting things into a pocket, as the FlipBelt does exactly that.

It flips.

Not only does it flip to secure your keys, but it can also hold a lot more.

Being that pretty much the whole belt is a pocket, you can fit everything around your waist.

Now I don’t think it’s a good idea, but it is capable of holding a lot of stuff if need be.

This belt also keeps the weight in a more centralized location, so you can bet that this is a great thing to have for better performance

6.) Waterproof Lanyard

See More Here

Not a way that I’ve actually tried before, but I see a lot of people doing it.

This is very much an old-school “trick,” but it gets the job done.

The best part about this method of carrying your keys while out for a run is that it can sometimes cost you $0.

Many insurance companies, banks, and other businesses would like for you to promote them, and lanyards are one of those items they use.

Or you can always purchase one yourself as they usually run for less than

7.) The Run Lock

See it Here

This is another great way to carry your keys while out for a run; some of you might really like this one.

Introducing the RunLock.

This little box is no more than a couple of inches in size and is specifically designed for runners.

It uses a four-digit combination that lets you put your keys in, all while locking it anywhere.

Outside on your door handle (probably wouldn’t recommend this), to a tow hitch, or even under your vehicle to the chassis or something.

The passcode can be reset as many times as you want, but please do not forget it, or you might have more problems.

Besides that, I think this is a great thing for runners, and I recommend it to any of you who simply don’t want to carry your keys on your person.

It’s like one of those realtor boxes but for a car.

I guess.

8.) Arm Bands (With Pocket)

See it Here

The first accessory I ever bought for running was a nice little armband.

This was back when the first iPod came out, and I was in the nice country of Iraq.

At the time, armbands were specifically designed for iPods and other media players, all while you enjoy your run.

I would think that they were no longer that popular, but I was wrong.

And not only are they very much still a thing, but they have evolved and are now equipped with pockets to hold your keys.

Talk about game-changing.

Not only is this convenient for your phone and whatnot, but it can hold other accessories that you might not want to leave in your car.

This is your solution for those who are still into armbands and looking for a way to hold your keys.

Well, there you have it, folks.

Our list of ways to carry your keys while running.

Forget about trying to figure out what you are going to do with your keys every time you run and do a little improvising.

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to share the love.

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