How to Buy Your Next Everyday Carry (EDC) Bag Like a Pro

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Having a solid everyday carry is essential to almost every profession and the same thing applies to people like me that work from home but makes occasional stops at coffee shops and random hotel lobbies to get work done.

Gone are the days when only women had a purse to haul around their makeup, lipstick, and that huge wallet that had nothing but useless stuff.

These days, men need somewhat of a man bag and that just comes with the ever-evolving world we live in thanks to this thing called technology.

From just putting your wallet in your back pocket and a cellphone comes a lot of different things that we men carry, especially when we have to go to work.

So yes, an everyday carry is a must and I want to show you how to pick yours like a pro.

With the many packs on the market, you might not even know where to start.

Some of you might not even know what style you prefer so let’s start there.

There are four types of bags to choose from and this is a great starting point for you.

First, we have the pouch, which was once referred to as the fanny pack.

This is something you used to see the much older folks in the 90’s use but it has evolved and turned into something that you might actually like.

We’ll cover that here soon.

Next is the backpack, which is my favorite choice for an EDC.

Mainly because I have a lot more stuff to carry and I do haul around my laptop most of the time.

Then we have the messenger bag.

This is the same bag that comes with one strap that slings around one shoulder down to the opposite side of your body.

Typically not my favorite choice but there are many styles out there that make this one to consider.

Lastly, there’s the tote bag.

Not very manly but it is there if you might be interested.

Let’s get into things as there is actually a lot to cover.

But First, What is an Everyday Carry?

The term everyday carry (referred to as EDC) really took off when the smartphone decided to take over our lives.

Being that we need a lot more than we did just 10 years ago, a simple bag will do wonders.

Some might think it is what is just in your pockets but it actually extends to the other stuff that doesn’t fit in there like your laptop, notepads, pens, and the many other stuff that you know what I’m talking about.

For some of you, a basic pack is all you need but most people these days have gone overboard on what you should carry but that’s just how it is.

Check out the video from City Prepping below to see what others are packing as you might feel the need to add/take away from your EDC accordingly.

So you can see that the phrase everyday carry can mean many different things but it all comes down to what you are able, willing, or wanting to carry on an everyday basis.

Some pack light while others like to take the whole house but it’s really up to you.

Now let’s get into the different types of carries out there so you can decipher on what you will use to carry your next EDC.

The Pouch

Some of you might have seen these a really long time ago and thought they were the worst thing a man can wear but they are definitely in today.

However, they are usually worn around your body as an “almost messenger bag” but just not as big.

Using a pouch of some sort as an EDC is great for those of you who have the bare minimum.

Cellphone, wallet, and whatever other little stuff you might have.

This is best for those of you who have no use for a laptop as I’m sure it will be able to hold whatever you carry on a daily basis.

The Backpack

There are an endless amount of backpacks to choose from but I have my favorites that I will be writing within the next week or so.

This is by far the most popular EDC out there and one that I personally prefer myself.

With the many styles and designs, it can be quite the challenge to find ONE that first you best but do know that there are many to choose from.

When choosing a backpack you always want to look for certain qualities before you make the purchase and these same qualities come with every other option I mentioned.

The Messenger Bag

This is a very common carry in Europe and one way men are carrying these days.

Sometimes you can get a messenger bag that is the size of a fanny pack, so consider this if you are not into pouches but don’t need to carry much.

Just like every other style, you can choose from a wide assortment out there so don’t limit yourself.

The Tote Bag

If you know nothing about totes, then that might be a good thing.

A tote bag is nothing more than a regular old back that you would carry as if it were a purse.

Not the manliest of carries, but they do offer gear that is actually decent looking just like the Bellroy Duo Totepack that acts as a backpack and a tote bag all in one.

So don’t count this option out as totes might just be in.

The 5th Carry

Sorry guys, I think I just lied.

Or maybe I just forgot but this is actually supposed to be first on this list.

It’s called, your person.

This consists of your pockets or your body.

This typically comes with a wallet, your phone, and some pocket lint.

Then you can add the watch, a pocket knife, and maybe even a Glock.

There are many ways to do something so simple but I think the Demolition Ranch shows you how it’s done best.

Other Factors to consider when purchasing your first EDC

Purchasing your next EDC is usually going to result in an unhappy camper unless you know what you’re doing.

So besides looks, here are other things you need to consider before investing any of that hard-earned money of yours.


This is a huge one and will most likely be the deciding factor on what type of carry you end up with.

The amount of money you have in your bank account is not in our control so do use what you can afford as there are a lot of pricey packs out there.

You can definitely find a lot of cool packs under $100 but do remember that you get what you pay for.


This is what I find to be most important as I recently had an encounter with a sweet-looking backpack just to find out that it caused me more problems than the basic el-cheapo bag I used to carry around.

So if you are interested in a backpack, make sure it does what it says it’s supposed to do, and don’t settle on anything less.


There is nothing worse than having that stylish and functional bag just to find out that your laptop is digging into your back.

Buying a backpack may sound so simple because we usually make decisions based on looks alone but that can be about all that pack has.

Get one that you KNOW is comfortable and not just because it looks like it but because you’ve done your research.

Quality & Durability

This is a must.

What good is a pack if it is going to fall apart on your thanks to the cheap material used to make it?

Some of you might just be taking your EDC to work and then it will sit on the side until it’s time to clock out.

For others, you might be hauling it around most of the time and that is when you are able to test the durability of your pack.

With some poor quality material, you can expect that it isn’t going to be able to withstand some tossing around and most especially a lot of weight.


I have this last on the list and only because you can find an EDC with everything mentioned above with the look and style that you desire.

Remember that there are literally thousands of EDCs to choose from so don’t feel limited to what you see at your favorite shopping spot.


Get an EDC that you can actually find enjoyment in.

Not the biggest fashionista but I do believe that my EDC makes a difference in the way I carry myself and the work I’m able to put out.

I mean, who doesn’t want a nice-looking carry?

Well, I hope this post has given you a better understanding of what you should be looking for when deciding on your EDC as it is really not that easy to do if you don’t know your bags.

Good thing for you, we have been through many types of packs that we can share the knowledge we’ve gained.

If you have any questions about a certain EDC you are considering please feel free to leave your questions below or contact us here if need be.

Thanks for reading and remember to always pack light.

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