Bobby XL Anti-Theft Backpack: Do Not Buy Until You Read This Review

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I have used this backpack for about a month now and I think I only needed about a week to do a full Bobby XL Anti-Theft backpack review.

What seemed to be pretty amazing kind of died fairly quickly with just a few days worth of use.

Not a fan of hype but rather some functional and stylish gear that will work.

I’m sure 99.9% of you think the same, minus the one dude that just likes to be complicated.

So if you are thinking about getting this backpack, I think you might want to read this post first.

I don’t care what cool site you came from or what ad you saw, let me give you the ins and outs of what this Bobby XL Anti-Theft backpack is really about.

With all the positive reviews on the net, I had to put my two cents in and do one of my own.

So before you go spending your hard-earned money, let me show you what you can expect with the Bobby XL anti-theft backpack.

Bobby XL Anti-Theft Backpack Review – Product Overview



Product Name: Bobby XL

Maker: XD Design

Price: $100

Where to Buy:

Our Rating: 1/5 stars

You might have probably seen all the positive reviews about this backpack but I don’t think they are honest. This is the most uncomfortable backpack I have out of the many I have and it took me less than a week before I stopped using it. Uncomfortable, poor quality, and not recommended.

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Bobby XL Specs

Overall, the Bobby XL holds just 15L worth of junk.

It can fit a 17″ laptop and has enough space for almost nothing else.

The bag comes with some cut-proof material and has a unique design to keep pickpocketers from targeting you.

The most important safety feature to notice though is going to be the hidden zippers, which you can see in the vid above.

The marketing behind the XD-Design products is great but I think you might have to read this review for a better understanding of each component.

I’m not one to praise or give credit to something that doesn’t deserve it, so excuse the bluntness I am about to display.

Look & Design

Through pics, the Bobby XL looks amazing.

Get it in your hands and it’s not as crisp and stylish as I thought it would be.

However, this is one of the stronger points about this bag, so let’s not take away from one of the things that I think is good about this pack.

As far as looks, I think the Bobby XL is fair.

Nothing close to the Duo Daypack by WANDRD but at least the Bobby XL looks decent.


Opening up the Bobby XL is no easy task.

Sure it is designed for the zippers to be in the back for safety reasons but it is definitely not functional.

You have to take the backpack off and then you have to find the zippers that aren’t always hiding under the seams for safety purposes.

Now once you get the pack open, it has some velcro that will get undone, allowing Bobby to open up completely.

The laptop is held on the back part of the backpack but it feels as if it weren’t.

Your laptop will sit in a small pocket that doesn’t even allow it to sit snugly.

The rest of the pockets aren’t helpful either and everything feels as if it was still in Beta or something.


The most durable part about the Bobby XL is going to be the front and the front only.

The straps, zippers, and sewing is not made out of the best material and you will see that with just a few uses.

This bag is not made out of quality materials like the RUSH12 or any of our favorite backpacks on this site.

Don’t expect Bobby to last as you will see wear and tear in just a couple of days of using it.


I have not felt a more uncomfortable backpack in my life.

From what I saw in the videos and images that promoted the Bobby XL, I thought they really had the solution to uncomfortable backpacks.

They didn’t.

After just a couple of days of use, I had to stop using this backpack.

My laptop ($13″ Macbook Pro) was digging into my back and the Bobby XL wasn’t sitting properly.

No matter how much I tried to adjust the straps, I could not find a sweet spot with this thing.

If you plan on using this as your next EDC, I don’t think you’ll like it.

I had a really bad experience with the comfort of this backpack and I think you won’t see a difference.

How Safe is the Bobby XL Anti-Theft Backpack?


If there is one thing I liked about the Bobby XL is the safety idea behind this backpack.

Hiding zippers and pockets are a great way to get zero attention and that’s what they have done here.

Then you have the cut-proof outer shell but that is about it.

The Bobby XL Anti-theft backpack can be safe from thieves but that is the only thing I can see that would make me recommend this bag.

Now, will it be worth its fair price tag?

Let’s go over how much you will have to cough up to own what I think is nothing but a hyped product.

The Price

The Bobby XL Anti-theft backpack goes for around $100 retail.

Whether it be on Amazon or through, you are looking at spending a hundred bucks for this backpack.

I personally think your best bet would be the Bobby Urban backpack.

Not only is it better looking but it is safer, 10x more comfortable, and works the way a backpack should work.

Checkout the Bobby Urban Here!

Final Verdict: Not a Good Buy

When it comes to backpacks, there are several categories and whatnot that you need to understand.

There’s cheap pricing and then there’s cheap quality.

Then you have awesome but extremely pricey.

Backpacks are something that doesn’t necessarily have a middle ground but at the very least, there are thousands upon thousands of them to choose from.

With that simple statistic, there is no way on Earth I can recommend the Bobby XL Anti-theft backpack.

What we have here is a lot of hype and some cool marketing videos, but that’s about it.

The Bobby XL didn’t deliver and now I’m stuck with another dust collector.

If you don’t believe me, go ahead and get one for yourself.

There are thousands of 5-star Bobby XL reviews on the net but I don’t see how that can be true.

Besides that, I hope this Bobby XL Anti-theft backpack review has been nothing but helpful to you and your crazy buying decisions.

If you have any questions about this backpack or any other piece of gear for that matter, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

Until next time, thanks for reading, and remember to always do your research.

1 thought on “Bobby XL Anti-Theft Backpack: Do Not Buy Until You Read This Review”

  1. I have the Bobby backpack (not XL) for 6 years now, best backpack I’ve ever had. The Waterproof fabric save my macbook 15″ twice while I was surpriced by the rain. Never had a problem with the zippers. It is true, is not that big inside but I manage to fill it up with all my portable studio gear. And the best part is that with my laptop inside fits in my back perfectly.

    Maybe the problem is that it is to big for your tinny laptop and you dont have the habit to close it with the zippers in the same position (at the top) every time like I do.

    Anyways, people can go to a store and try it like I did and decide.

    Again, 6 years, it is kind of dirty, but still keeps it’s shape perfect, it didn’t break anywhere. It studded up the rain, the sea water, my sweat in summer and I think it will last another 6 years easily.

    One of the best purchase I ever did.



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