JooJoobs Leather Money Clip Wallet – Classy and Affordable

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Think suave, think class, think leather.

If you are a man on the go – this is for you!

JooJoob’s Leather Money Clip Wallet is perfect for the man’s man and gives its owner true confidence, convenience, and ease in any situation.

This isn’t your thick, bulky wallet that will take a cheek’s worth of chair, nor is it a two-inch piece of metal that fails to secure your cash.

It’s the answer to both problems and the perfect combination of both.

Made for all trades, from the businessman, to the travel enthusiast, from the tech pros, to members of the blue-collar, this money clip wallet was made for a more convenient life and living it in class.

Joojoobs is a family of leather smiths that prides itself on its handmade and hand-stitched products that are built to order, such as this one.

This product is handmade from premium full-grain distressed leather – meaning the leather will look worn and aged, but the quality of the material is quite strong and durable.

You can choose between two thread colors that come in either Natural Tan or Dark Brown, furthering the customization.

You can add a monogram or tailor it to your initials.

Inside you get four card slots allowing up to two cards in each slot giving you tons of room for your ID, credit cards, gift cards and even a few business cards if needed.

What you normally get with a wallet is a cash pocket that usually fills up quickly with anything but cash.

No worries, it is replaced with an easy to use spring enhanced money clip.

It secures your money or receipts if you desire and snuggles effortlessly between both sides of the leather folds.

This makes it easy to keep your wallet clip organized and accessible for any transaction that may come about.

The size of the wallet clip is 12cm x 8cm x 1.25xm, which is approximately 4.75in x 3in x 0.5in for our American friends out there.

This is the perfect size for a front pocket or sport coat placement if you so choose, but it also makes for a much better option to sitting on, than a 2″ thick wallet.

The oils from your hands naturally add what leather smiths call “patina”, a sophisticated and polished texture that provides tonal variations within the marks and veins of the leather.

The leather alone sells itself with its uncompromised ability to heal itself, turning any scratch, scoff, bend or fold into smooth and rustic features that truly offer your piece a vintage character unmatched by any other.

If you’re looking for an authentic, unique, handmade wallet without the heftiness or hassle, then Joojoobs leather wallet clip is the one for you.

You will want to bring this wallet clip anywhere and everywhere and will have the luxury to do so based on its unique size and proportions.

It will become a part of your daily routine, and you won’t even notice it being there.

And talk about whipping it out in front of your peers, tossing up the spring clip to grab your cash, and all your friends looking in awe wishing they had one – now that is a cool feeling!

I switched from leather to a more minimalistic wallet like the Nomatic Basics, but within a month, I decided to switch back.

For less than $50 with free shipping, you can’t beat this deal.

Not to mention the great quality that comes with the Joojoobs name.

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