Bellroy Has Officially Launched Their Bag Line But Was it Worth the Wait?

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The oh so popular wallet company Bellroy has now launched their new lineup of bags and you might just find them to your liking.

With 6 different styles and four different colors, you can tell that they have once again kept things very simple just like the rest of their products.

With the announcement of their bag line coming just one week ago, you are now able to buy Bellroy bags right now, if you signed up to their “special list”.

Just for reading this post, you also get access but for the rest, you can expect to see some marketing and whatnot be out there in the next couple of days.

Introducing Bellroy Bags

some of you may have been waiting for these bags to come out as I’m sure you are huge Bellroy fans.

It hasn’t sunk in yet and I haven’t purchased a bag for myself as I do own enough backpacks to last many lifetimes.

I will be getting some of these products for the sole purpose of doing reviews on them some time next month.

For now, everything is all based on appearance alone, so take everything with a grain of salt as I’m sure not many people have actually had their hands on any of these bags just yet.

Let’s see what they have anyways and see if we can make our buying decisions based on what we know of from their actual site.

The Slim Backpack

The first product we will be looking into is the Slim Backpack, which is very simple and doesn’t do much for those of you looking to store your whole house, but it definitely works well for minimal everyday carry.

It can hold a laptop of up to 15″ and has soft lined pockets for sunglasses and small devices.

The bag is shut with leather magnetic snap closure as well as a water resistant foldover.

It is made from sustainably produced fabric and premium, environmentally certified leather.

This product comes in black, grey, and navy and it can be purchased for $169, which also comes with a standard 3 year Bellroy warranty.

The Duo Totepack

More simplicity but with a higher price tag.

The Totepack can be used as a tote or a backpack, but will that justify the much higher price?

For $289, this is the priciest of the bunch and comes with the same material as the Slim Backpack.

with more storage and a much better design, this is actually my favorite of the bunch as it does hold a laptop, which is a must for people like myself.

the Classic Backpack

The least expensive bag at $149 is a little friendlier on the wallet but when you compare this to just the Bellroy Travel Wallet alone, they are almost the same price.

Backpacks and wallets should not be the same price, so I guess you can say this is worth it?

Still able to hold a 15″ laptop along with an iPad, this one seems more functional.

You can get it in black, grey, and moss but this time you can expect nylon for the material.

Also comes with the standard 3 year warranty, which is really, really awesome.

The Slim Work Bag

Looks like a typical laptop bag but a little more sophisticated with its leather straps and a nice little Bellroy logo.

For $189 this might just be out of the budget for some of you but this bag does have some style.

More of a different design but one to consider with only two colors to choose from, which are navy and black.

Where to Buy Bellroy Bags

As of now, you can only purchase these bags on the official Bellroy site and only if you signed up to their waiting list.

If not, you can always use my link and it will take you there.


All these bags are capable of holding a laptop, which is a huge plus in my book.

They also use most of the same material and have the simplistic look with the functionality that their products are known for.

I think it’s safe to say that the launch is going to be fair but probably not the greatest.

A bit on the pricey side but it is what it is.

Might be a great addition to your other Bellroy products but at least the wait is over.

I think the bags are decent but the price is just a bit too high but that’s just me.

We all have different wants and needs, so will any of these bags be joining you on your next adventure?

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