Herschel Supply Co Always Delivers and the Pop Quiz Backpack is Another Great Man Carry

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herschel-supply-co-pop-quiz-backpack-reviewFolks, it’s the twenty first century now, and I am very pleased to tell you that backpacks are no longer just for students. While they used to be only a dreaded tool of transporting thick text books and overpriced calculators, there are now an easy, hands free way to transport your things.

Yes, students will of course benefit from them, but so will business people, educators, and really anyone that has things to transport.

A good backpack is an excellent substitution for a stuffy brief case, but of course not all back packs are good backpacks. As is true with any buying decision it can be a little bit difficult determining which product is right for your needs, but that is why we are here to help.

Read on for a comprehensive guide of the Herschel CO. Pop Quiz backpack.

Product Overview

Naturally, the name does not say very much about the nature of the bag itself with this model. That’s ok, it doesn’t really need to.

While you wouldn’t gather this simply from the words “pop quiz”, this bag is of a very simple design that keeps in line with what you would expect to encounter from Herschel Co.

You will find that it is available in a wide variety of simple colors that are all eye catching but also classic enough not to date themselves in a few months or years.

These aren’t trendy hot pink bags, they are made to stand the test of time and they will look appropriate for virtually any location that you decide to bring them.

Of course, there is no reason simply to take my word for it. Read on now for a comprehensive look at the pros and cons of the Pop Quiz backpack to determine if it is the right bag for your needs!

Pros & Cons


  • Comfortable: The soft polyester fabric is designed to be comfortable which is without question a nifty quality for a backpack to have. Generally speaking when you shop for backpack you can either get a bag that is stylish or a bag that is comfortable.

Very rarely can you expect to get both, but with the Pop Quiz, you certainly can.

Whether you are a student or a professional, comfort should be king. Without question you will be glad for the comfortable straps after a long day of work.

  • Water Resistant: Naturally, you don’t want your bag to be exceptionally vulnerable to the elements.

Students especially can expect to sometimes find themselves caught outside in bad weather with their backpack on them. Whether you are transporting pricey textbooks, or a laptop you are certainly going to want to make sure that your assets are protected, and with the Pop Quiz, they will be.

I should mention that this bag is not entirely waterproof. That means that if you get caught in a downpour your things may end up sustaining a little bit of damage. Still, something is certainly better than nothing, and under ordinary circumstances this bag should hold up nicely.

  • Sturdy: Like “comfortable”, sturdy is another buzz word to look out for when you shop around for a backpack. Students especially are likely to find that the weight of their textbooks stretch the fabric of their bag.

Back when I was in school I remember going through a backpack a year. Why? The bags I got weren’t built to last.

With the Pop Quiz bag, you are getting something that will hold up for many years. Don’t waste money replacing your backpack every few months.

  • Color Options: You’re getting a lot of color options with this bag. All of the colors that you can expect to encounter are classic and gentle, designed to remain stylish for many years to come.

With all of the colors, everyone is sure to find something that is of interest to them.

  • Lightweight: A lightweight bag isn’t always a good thing. Often enough it means that the materials are cheap, flimsy, and uncomfortable, but of course we have already established that that is not the case with this bag.

Instead, you are getting a well-built accessory that also has the benefit of not slowing you down with excessive weight.


  • On the Small Side: This certainly is not the smallest bag in the world but it also is not big enough to accommodate the needs of everyone. You probably won’t have any trouble fitting your books in this bag, but you might have something of a problem with your electronics.

For one thing, there is not laptop pouch, meaning that your tablet and computer will have to share a space with your books which could potentially lead to damages.

That aside, you may also find that the compartments arne’t big enough to fit your computer anyway.

Unfortunately, many users with larger laptops have found that their computers don’t fit, which is certainly a drag if you need to transport yours.

  • On the Pricey Side: Of course, affordability is relative to the individual, and the day (given how often the cost of products fluctuate) but this back nevertheless does trend on the pricier side in relation to other similar products.

In fact, even compared to other Herschel CO. bags this backpack is expensive. This is one of the higher end bags that they have available. If you want to splurge, this going to be a good option, but shoppers on a specific budget may want to look elsewhere.


If you haven’t already gathered, I am a big fan of this backpack. I think that for most users it is an elegant and practical option that is able to accomplish everything that you need out of a backpack.

Is it right for everyone? Of course not, no product is, but my personal opinion is that most people are going to be very pleased with their purchase of this bag.

If you want a backpack that provided an outstanding combination of style and value, look no further than the Herschel Co. Pop Quiz Backpack!

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