TAC Glasses Review: Do These Really Work or is it Just For Show?

By John Cruz

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Welcome to my review of the TAC Glasses, yet another As Seen on TV product that I’m sure got you wondering if this works or if it’s just nothing but hype.

If you’re like me and you enjoy those crazy commercials but still need to try the product for yourself, thinking you NEED to, then stop and let me help you make that decision so that you don’t have to waste any money like I always do.

For many people, sunglasses are an important part of their wardrobe.

Not only are they stylish and sporty, but they also serve an important function of blocking harmful UV rays and keeping the glare out of your eyes as you go about your day or even drive your car.

We all know the importance of good pair of sunglasses, and if you have ever shopped for them before, you also know that finding a decent pair is easier said than done, and that is exactly why we are here to help.

These specific glasses might not fit most people’s style, but what they claim to do on TV is, of course, why you would want a pair.

Now, will they make things clearer, or should you save your money and get your buying fix by investing in something else?

Read on as we take a look at the TAC Glasses to see if they are right for your eyewear needs.


TAC Glasses Review

Product: TAC Sunglasses

Company: Bell + Howell

Price: $19.99 plus shipping and handling

Where to Buy: Check it Out Here

What’s in the box: TAC Sunglasses, TAC Sunglasses Case

Who These Are For

Well, on a fundamental level, sunglasses can be right for just about anyone. After all, very few people don’t encounter the need to get the sun out of their eyes at some point or another.

However, this pair of sunglasses goes a little above and beyond the promises of other comparable products.

While ordinary sunglasses tend to block out the clarity of everything as they also block out the sun’s rays, this pair promises that it will sharpen colors and images to make them as clear as if you weren’t wearing sunglasses.

This is accomplished through what the manufacturers call polarized glass—a process that blocks harmful rays and sharpens color.

Not only do these glasses promise to provide ample protection, but they also strive to impress with a wow factor as well.

After all, people don’t only wear sunglasses to protect their eyes. They want to look cool also, right?

Cool is a relative term, of course, but the manufacturer claims to have stylized this pair in the spirit of higher-end glasses.

The promise here is that they will look cool without breaking the bank.

That being the case, these glasses are both for anyone that wants to protect their eyes from harmful rays and anyone that wants a stylish pair of glasses at an affordable rate

Are the TAC Sunglasses Durable?

Durability is one of the first things most people look into when buying sunglasses.

After all, we have all purchased some eyewear off the cheap rack only to find that it breaks before we can even try it on.

While I wouldn’t say that is exactly what you can expect to get with this pair, I will say this: the reality of the TAC Sunglasses’ durability definitely contradicts the promises made by the manufacturer.

While all of the advertisements suggest that this pair of sunglasses is designed to last a long time, the truth of the matter is that the design does feel a little bit on the cheaper side.

These are the sort of sunglasses that creek when you open them. Is that necessarily a deal breaker? For me, it wouldn’t be.

While the build of this pair of glasses does little to distinguish itself from that of dollar rack sunglasses, it still provides a much clearer range of vision than other cheaper models, which is definitely something to consider.

Still, if you are looking for a pair of sunglasses that is up to the task of withstanding some wear and tear, you may want to keep looking because this pair definitely isn’t it.

The Price

At $19.99 (plus shipping and handling), this definitely is not the most expensive pair of sunglasses you will ever find.

That said, given what we went over in the last section, I think the going rate for this unit is slightly higher than it should be. While $19.99 is a pretty reasonable price for sunglasses, that stops being the case if you have to replace them regularly.

Still, dismissing these glasses entirely as a rip-off would be hard. A stylish pair of sunglasses with specialty lenses can often run for a much higher price than what we see here, which might make the deal worth it for some buyers.

If you decide to buy the TAC Sunglasses, consider purchasing through an Amazon Prime membership to enjoy free shipping and handling.

Before You Buy


Before you buy, understand what you are getting here.

This product is not revolutionizing the world of sporty eyewear.

At the end of the day, the TAC Sunglasses are really just cheap eyewear with some above-average lenses.

I know that isn’t an extremely exciting way to put it, but I do think it’s realistic, and I also don’t think that it is the worst thing in the world either.

Cheap frame and so-so pricing aside, the lenses are ultimately what you buy sunglasses for in the first place, and this unit benefits from a good set.

Pros and Cons

Now that you know all about the TAC Sunglasses, let’s boil down what we have learned into some pros and cons to help you finalize your buying decision.


  • Sporty design
  • Protects against harmful rays
  • Provides a very clear vision
  • Eliminates glare


  • The frame is not very durable
  • Overpriced – given the overall quality of the glasses

To Buy or Not to Buy?

By now, you probably have fairly mixed feelings about the TAC glasses.

On the one hand, we have reviewed a few key flaws of this eyewear.

A cheap build and a steeper price tag than the product deserves certainly don’t make these glasses seem very enticing.

I think that it is fair if you ultimately decide that these are disqualifying attributes.

However, I also think that if you decide to overlook them, you won’t necessarily be disappointed.

While the TAC Sunglasses don’t fulfill the promise of being premium sunglasses at an affordable price, they still manage to be an above-average pair of discount eyewear.

13 thoughts on “TAC Glasses Review: Do These Really Work or is it Just For Show?”

  1. Hi John,

    I think you have given a very honest review of these Tac glasses, I drive a lot and therefore need a good pair of sunglasses.

    I am careful with handling the glasses as long as they come with a good case, so the most important thing for me is that they are protective to harmful rays and it sounds like these particular pair are.

    thanks for a great review,


  2. That review was very interesting. I enjoyed it very much. I appreciate the fact that you didn’t tell us what we should do but you did give us plenty of information. The information may both positive and negative plus you did give alternatives in your ads.
    I do a lot of walking so I wonder if that is something that wound be worthwhile?

  3. Polarized sunglasses are the only ones I will buy, whether a cheap pair or an expensive brand. For years many of the big names didn’t use polarized lenses, but now most top brands have them as well. I think Polaroid were the first sunglass brand to have polarized lenses.

    I’ve seen the TAC ones advertised on TV and they do a good job of singing the praises of polarized lenses, which is all true by the way. For the price you really can’t beat them.

  4. Sunglasses are very important, not because they make you good-looking and stylish, but they also protect our eyes.
    Thank you for taking the time to research and write this review. I like the fact that you discussed the pros and cons of the TAC glasses honestly and thoroughly. I will bookmark your review to return again when I need it.

  5. Hi John, I think that these sunglasses would be ok if they are looked after properly and I don’t think $19.99 is too much but I agree they most certainly will not be the dearest either.

    You provide a lot of good information about the glasses which is helpful to people when they are planning on getting new sun glasses, so thanks for the honesty.

  6. Guess what people in the military wear? Oakley’s.
    We don’t have some mysterious R&D unit coming up with a new type of sunglass.
    If you want to avoid glare, buy a pair of “cheapo” polarized sunglasses from Walmart.

  7. Frame broke on my tackle glasses the 3rd day I had them. But they were pretty good until then. I can get better glasses cheaper locally


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