Bellroy Duo Totepack Review – Backpack & Tote All in One For the Indecisive


Bellroy has gone from phone cases to bags and I think that is awesome. Not only are their products of ...

Nitecore BP20 Review – MOLLE Compatible and Very Affordable


When I was in the Army, I really liked this one specific tactical backpack that they sold at Ranger Joe’s ...

Dude Wipes Review: The Alternative (Called Baby Wipes) Works Just Fine


Dude Wipes. There are so many things that come to mind when I hear of such a product but a ...


DSPTCH Daypack Review: Looks Great But is it Worth it?


I am not your typical shopaholic who falls in love with materialistic stuff, but a few things get my attention ...

AmazonBasics Premium Backpack Review: Is This Really The Best?


There are quite a number of AmazonBasics backpacks but today we will be doing a review on their “premium” style ...


Aircon Watch Review – Is it Really That Cool?


Living in a scorching and humid place is not the greatest thing and carrying around a fan is out of ...

The Quiksilver Daddy Daybag is Better Than Most Overpriced Bags


Looking for a Quiksilver backpack diaper bag? Well I’ve got the bag for you! The Daddy Daybag is designed to ...

Is Bellroy’s Work Folio A5 a Good Investment or Waste of Money?


Let me just say that I am an absolute fan of Bellroy products, and this particular one has been one ...

Is The Survival Life Credit Card Knife Really Free or is There a Catch?


What’s cooler than a credit card knife? How about one that is free and comes with a survival skills handbook? ...

The iPhone X is Nice But Was it Worth the Wait?


So I finally got my hands on the iPhone X or 10, whatever you want to call it. Was it ...


The Mancro Business Water Resistant Polyester Laptop Backpack


It doesn’t matter if you’re a student, freelancer, entrepreneur, professional or just a gamer, more people than ever before are ...


The ACM Wallet: A Perfectly Simplistic Approach For Credit Cards


Have you ever been in line at the store looking for your credit card but couldn’t find it? You don’t ...

Flipside Wallet’s Minimalist RFID Blocking Wallet – You Might Need This

Jonah Ryan

I used to think RFID wallets were useless and just another way to jack the price up so that these ...


The Timex Expedition Rugged Metal Watch – Simple and Affordable

Jonah Ryan

Watches are cool but not all are manly enough for the manliest of men. Personally, I like a more calm ...


The Master Note Travelers Notebook

Jonah Ryan

Note-taking has become quite the topic as it just isn’t the same. We all have to remember that “there’s an ...

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