The Quiksilver Daddy Daybag is Better Than Most Overpriced Bags

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Looking for a Quiksilver backpack diaper bag?

Well, I’ve got the bag for you!

The Daddy Daybag is designed to be a backpack but can easily be used as an EDC (everyday carry) if need be.

The bag is super simple but has everything you need for the baby along with other stuff.

And being a big fan of the Quiksilver brand, I know that all their products come with great quality.

My EDC is also made from them and it is pretty much the same pack but with everything you need to have your baby’s needs with you at all times.

Not a huge fan of all the fancy diaper bags out there and this one is more of my taste.

So if you’re somewhat like me, then you will probably like what Quiksilver has in store.

Or should I say, online?

Quiksilver Daddy Daybag Review

Name: Daddy Daybag

Company: Quiksilver

Price: $60

Where to Buy:

Overall Rating: 4/5 stars

Who This is For

This is the perfect diaper bag for dads as it is simple, functional, and designed more for men.

As a dad myself, those are the things I look for when I buy almost everything I get and the Daddy Daybag has exactly that.

This is also great for anyone really, as there are the main components of what a diaper bag should consist of along with some extras that will help the modern parent carry better.

Daddy Daybag Specs

The Daddy Daybag is as simple as simple can be, yet it provides you with everything you need for your baby’s needs

It is 19″x12.5″x8″  and holds up to 31 liters so you have the right amount of space with the option to carry more.

Now if you don’t know what 31 liters looks like, just know that this is a lot bigger than most backpacks you see around.

The main compartment is of course large and it comes with a tablet sleeve as well, which is great for that tablet that most kids are glued to these days.

I did think that there was only a tablet compartment but there is actually a place for your laptop so that is definitely a plus for dads like me that NEED that type of stuff.

The front pocket is actually an insulated compartment that will keep things cold so I guess you can say that’s cool too.

Now this wouldn’t be a diaper bag if it didn’t come with a changing pad of some sort so you can expect that too and that is definitely a plus.

My favorite part about this bag is the quick access pocket located at the top as we parents need a spot for some sunglasses, keys, or even our cellphones.

The Price

Another thing that I absolutely loved about this diaper bag is the fact that it is beyond affordable.

For $60, you can get this thing from the official Quiksilver site.

Most diaper bags these days are well over the $100 mark and for something that might not be used for more than 5 years might not be worth the investment.

Now with Quiksilver’s Daddy Daybag, not only is it affordable, but this thing can very much be used as a regular old backpack when the baby gets older.

Just throw out the changing pad and voila!

You now have an everyday carry or even a backpack for that same baby to take to school.

Talk about a win/win situation.

There is one problem with this bag though and something that is out of our control.

They can’t seem to keep them in stock!

I always try to keep tabs on when they get a new shipment but the main site and is usually out of stock.

If you can’t find it online you might want to try PacSun or a backpack store at your local mall.

Check Availability Here

Pros & Cons


  • Simple
  • Looks great
  • Beyond affordable price
  • Has a laptop and tablet compartment
  • Front cooler pocket
  • 100% polyester
  • Durable
  • Has everything you need
  • Nothing less than a 4-star rating on Amazon (see reviews here)


  • Can maybe use a pocket for wipes
  • Rarely in stock

Final Opinion of the Quiksilver Daddy Daybag

Definitely a great buy and one I highly recommend.

With all the dad backpacks I’ve been coming across lately, the price has been ridiculously out of my preferred range.

With this one, it is almost a no-brainer.

If you like the design of this backpack as much as I do, then there is really no question about getting this.

Now if you want a diaper bag with a little more than just the basics, you might want to check out the Paperclip convertible diaper bag that can pretty much do magic (lol).

Other than that, I hope this review of the Quiksilver Daddy Daybag has served you well.

Thanks for reading!

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