Is Bellroy’s Work Folio A5 a Good Investment or Waste of Money?

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Let me just say that I am an absolute fan of Bellroy products, and this particular one has been one that really caught my attention.

So after doing some research and a lot of thinking, I have finally put together this Bellroy Work Folio A 5 review not just to help myself but others figure out if the price was worth the investment for something as simple as a portfolio.

I definitely love my cool gear, but for something so small to cost more than my everyday carry backpack, I think it takes a lot of thinking before committing to anything, and that is exactly what I did.

I mean, what could really justify my purchase with this one that would make my other half believe that this was, in fact, a good investment?

Being that I am a parent and “cool guy” stuff has been a thing that I can’t outright just buy like I used to, I guess you can say that my spending is based mostly on needs rather than wants.

So if you are a single fella that is just needing to be cool, definitely get this if your budget allows.

For those of you who are in a similar situation as me or still contemplating getting this, let’s go over this review so you can see if this is really worth the investment.


Bellroy Work Folio A5 Review – Product Overview

The Bellroy Work Folio A5 is their latest product to drool over and one that is hard to say no to.

It is the perfect companion for any minimalist looking to store their basic carry in one very stylish portfolio and is the perfect size to be “not so big”.

Unlike their A4 model, this one costs a whole $100 less and is really something to be relieved about as I’m sure some of us don’t need a bigger and pricier product.

Let’s take a look at what makes up the A5 and why it might just be your next case of choice.

Work Folio A5 – Specs

Initially, it acts as a notepad but stores just enough to not make it a regular old case.

You have the main compartment that stores a small tablet and NOT some small laptops, as that is what the A4 holds.

If you are looking for the difference between the A4 and the A5, do know that it is really just their size and storage capabilities.

The A4 stores some small laptops, while the A5 only stores tablets.

The Work Folio A5 does have everything else that the A4 has but, again, with a much lower price tag and a much smaller size.

Design & Quality

This makes up 90% of your buying decision.

With a look that is almost hard to say no to, along with the quality that you can actually feel with any of Bellroy’s products, this is what makes the A5 what it is.

With perfectly stitched leather, simplicity, and a strong marketing campaign, you can expect to consider this for your next purchase.

And if you are doubting Bellroy’s quality, don’t forget about the 3-year warranty that they offer with all their products.

Storage & Functionality

As a minimalist, I always look for a product that, at the very least, does what it is supposed to do.

In this case, you have a notepad with the option to store a tablet or some 13″ laptops.

Some meaning, a very limited selection if you plan on utilizing every pocket this thing has.

Other than that, you are able to store your cell phone, some headphones, up to 6 credit cards, a pen (not included), a passport, and your boarding passes.

I also purchased the Notebook Cover Mini for about $80, and I think I wasted money there as I should’ve just purchased this in the first place.

This is a very simple and functional product, as the cards and your phone won’t get stuck like in other cases I’ve tried in the past.

Sleek, functional, and sweet looking, but the price might not sit well with some of you.

The Price

You can get the Work Folio A 5 for $219 on, and it does come with the usual 3-year money-back guarantee.

I know this warranty to be true as I did get a full replacement for my Bellroy iPhone case that got damaged due to normal wear and tear.

I didn’t have a receipt, but they just tracked down my order and sent out my replacement, no questions asked.

They will replace any product, but they will also give you any other product with equal or lesser value, or you can pay the difference and upgrade to something else.

I always recommend the actual Bellroy site, so check them out before you go purchasing the Workfolio anywhere else.

Shop Bellroy Here

Final Verdict: Not Too Shabby

Although I love the Bellroy brand, this is one thing that crossed the point of affordable and worth it.


Me, I’m a parent, and spending $200 for a portfolio isn’t very necessary.

Now, if I did want to spoil myself a little, I would get this.

If you are a businessman of some sort, you can definitely use this to not just look professional but to actually be very organized as well.

The A5 is out of the question for me as I am nothing more than a backpacker, but I would still consider this if it wasn’t for the A5 which is a lot bigger.

For a very basic carry, I think the A4 is perfect.

The only thing you need to get around is the $199 price tag.

If you’re cool with spending that much on a portfolio, I recommend this over the rest.

The Shinola Tech Portfolio is almost $400, so if you think this is pricey, you might want to check them out.

For single dudes looking to make a statement, the A5 is one awesome product to own.

Oh, and I would get the caramel color if I were you.

But that’s just my personal preference.

2 thoughts on “Is Bellroy’s Work Folio A5 a Good Investment or Waste of Money?”

  1. I can’t believe how much time I have investing into researching this stupid folio. I had the same thoughts as you re: price. Why do I need this? Why am I scouring the internet for something similar? Thanks for the review!

    • Stupid folio…LMFAO! I feel your pain my man as that is exactly how I am when I buy almost every single thing out there. Especially when it comes to something so dang expensive but still has you wanting it. Like this stupid dang folio…lmfao. I am still cracking up over here so thanks for the laugh!


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