Shinola Tech Portfolio – Simple, Sleek, But Pricey

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Portfolios are definitely in and might be the carry of choice over the traditional wallet, and it’s products like the Shinola Tech that make such a thing happen.

With their amazing-looking gear to the highest standard regarding quality, this might just be your next “murse.”

If you have yet to enter the world of portfolios, let me review the Shinola Tech portfolio to show you what you might just be missing out on.

This, of course, is not the only one on the market but one that I definitely recommend due to the many reasons I will be mentioning below.


Look & Style

The Shinola Tech Portfolio is hands down one of the best-looking portfolios on the market today, and you can see it up close within the images below.

Made out of some badass leather in a factory that produces small amounts of product, these guys get personal with their products.

For you businessmen or anyone in the workforce that is looking for a better way to carry, this is one that will have you doing so in style.

I’m sure not many of your co-workers have portfolios, and I think it would be a great idea to be the first to introduce one to them.

Is it Functional?

As a former military dude, I like my gear to look great, but it also HAS to be functional.

What good is a pretty face if it can’t do its job?

Well, just a pretty face.

And as men, we tend to like nice things, but if it isn’t going to do what it’s supposed to do, then there’s no point in throwing money away.

With the Shinola Tech Portfolio, you get exactly that.

A functional piece of mancarry that you can be proud to flop on the table but give you the peace of mind that it actually serves some kind of purpose.

What would technically require a purse of some sort but just not enough gear for a full-on backpack, this portfolio can hold anything and everything that goes in your pockets.

  • Cellphone
  • Passport
  • Earphones
  • 3 pens
  • 4 business cards
  • Tablet (7″)
  • A Notebook

I remember those days when I would need a pen that had nowhere to go but in my pocket.

No, I didn’t have the whole ink splat incident, but I did have it poke its way out of my pants.

Not once did I ever think a pen could cause so many problems, but it did.

The thing is that it actually taught me some lessons, and that is exactly what introduced me to a portfolio.

If you want to have the basics in one spot, all while looking that much cooler than anyone in the room, this is the piece for you.

If, of course, you have the wallet for it because this thing is as much as some of your car payments.

The Price For the Shinola Tech Portfolio

This is where some of you might be turned off as this bad boy is going for $425 buckaroos.

The Bellroy Workfolio would be a whole $100 cheaper but remember that Shinola does offer you a chance to make monthly payments.

When you’re making payments on a portfolio, you know ish just got real.

Personally, I would always settle for a Shinola.

Overall Rating

Overall, I think this is a great product with superb quality.

It has a spot for your EDC and looks absolutely stunning.

If you have the money for something like this, I would say go for it.

If you plan on taking out a loan, you might be better off with something like the Bellroy Workfolio A4.

Other than that, this is a great product that we definitely recommend.

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