The Timex Expedition Rugged Metal Watch – Simple and Affordable

By Jonah Ryan


Watches are cool but not all are manly enough for the manliest of men.

Personally, I like a more calm look but I do have those days where I want to feel like a real man and that is why I get things like the Timex Expedition Rugged Metal Watch.

Not only does it have the look but it also has the functions necessary, which I will be covering more within this review.

So if you are looking for a solid, rugged, and affordable watch, this might just be for you.

Timex Expedition Rugged Metal Watch Overview

There’s all kinds of watches for different occasions. Classy watches for fancy occasions, cheap watches for relaxed situations, and rugged watches for the hard worker.

Kind of.

Some of us don’t settle for a cheap $5.00 watch, but we also don’t need all the extra shiny bits to an expensive watch. Personally, I love a good rugged metal watch.

There’s something about the harsh, unpolished metal exterior around the timepiece of the Timex Expedition rugged metal watch that really shows what kind of a person you are. It shows that you don’t know what situation you might be in, but you’re always prepared.

This expedition rugged metal watch is durable and simple. It’s perfect for the minimalist who doesn’t want to show off everything they own. You just want it to function properly and do what it’s supposed to. I’ve never been a materialistic person, so the simple, rugged design of this watch immediately grabbed my attention.

The best part about this minimalist watch is the durability of it. It’s waterproof to 50 m (or 165 feet), it’s surrounded by metal, and it has a true leather strap.

I don’t like to settle for fake leather. It’s cheap and it breaks too easily. True leather lasts for an incredibly long time if you take care of it. Timex never takes short cuts in their products’ quality, and their expedition rugged metal watch is no exception.

What Makes the Timex Rugged Watch so Unique?

Timex has always been a brand that’s known to make some pretty unique watches. They’re always very high quality and durable, so you don’t have to worry about being ripped off.

One of the best part about this rugged watch is in the name… It’s rugged. This watch is built to take a beating. It’s built to get splashed, and swam with. It’s build to be dropped, bumped, hit, etc.

The real leather strap is a perfect way to tie off this rugged metal watch. Leather has always been and always will be a true vintage material for any piece of gear, especially with watches.

Another cool feature of this Timex watch is that it uses and Indiglo light to light up when it’s dark outside. Your watch can show you the time without requiring you to shine a flashlight on it. I told you… It’s meant for all situations.

The last unique feature of the watch is that it has a built-in compass. It’s always nice to have a compass if you get lost or need directions somewhere. Instead of pulling out a real compass or your smartphone, just look at your watch.

What’s My Opinion of this Rugged Metal Watch?

If you haven’t found out by now, I’m a huge fan of this watch. I love the minimalist look, and I can trust in Timex to always provide quality watches.

There’s so many didn’t uses for this watch that I’m pretty blown away by its price point. Currently you can get the Timex Expedition Rugged Metal Watch for just under $50.00.

It’s a compass, a watch, and a light all mounted on a rugged metal frame with a leather strap for under $50.00. That’s almost unheard of!

Check them out as soon as you can because they won’t be at this price for long. They usually run over $70.00, but with a sweet deal like this you can’t miss out.

Check it Out Here!


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