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Why You Should Always Carry a Folding Map – Even With Google Maps

Jonah Ryan

It seems like the advancements of modern technology occasionally set us back in certain scenarios nowadays. We rely so much ...


How to Set a Budget For Backpacking the World

Jonah Ryan

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The Gootium High Density Thick Canvas Backpack – Unique and Affordable

Jonah Ryan

The Gootium High Density Canvas Backpack is perfect for anyone who has interest in that vintage look. It is a ...

Tempus Afrikaans Men’s Zebra Wood Watch (TW-001)

Jonah Ryan

I remember when the sales for regular old watches were at an all time low thanks to this thing called ...


This Men’s Vintage Cowhide Leather Wallet is Stylish and Can Store Plenty

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It can be difficult to find the perfect wallet. There are all kinds of prints and patterns and materials to ...

Flipside Wallet’s Minimalist RFID Blocking Wallet – You Might Need This

Jonah Ryan

I used to think RFID wallets were useless and just another way to jack the price up so that these ...


The Timex Expedition Rugged Metal Watch – Simple and Affordable

Jonah Ryan

Watches are cool but not all are manly enough for the manliest of men. Personally, I like a more calm ...


The Master Note Travelers Notebook

Jonah Ryan

Note-taking has become quite the topic as it just isn’t the same. We all have to remember that “there’s an ...

The Modkin Tactical Pen: Perfect for Any Situation

Jonah Ryan

Just when you think all pens are created equal, things like the Modkin Tactical Pen have to come and change ...

The Seiko Men’s Solar Watch: Time Powered by the Sun

Jonah Ryan

Watches have always been a sort of representation of the man who wears it. Not necessarily the price tag, but ...