This Men’s Vintage Cowhide Leather Wallet is Stylish and Can Store Plenty

By Jonah Ryan

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It can be difficult to find the perfect wallet. There are all kinds of prints and patterns and materials to choose from. You also have to consider how many slots you need, and how you’ll secure your money and ids safely.

This vintage cowhide leather wallet is a perfect solution to all of those issues as leather is a class wallet material.

It’s durable, not too flashy, and it’s comfortable in your pocket.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a couple of wallets that are either way too big or just plain uncomfortable from the material.

If you’re looking for multiple pockets and card slots, the vintage cowhide leather wallet has several of each.

It features 3 zipped pockets, 5 card slots, an ID slot, and a few more for extra storage.

All of these pockets and slots still allow for a compact, minimalist feel.

This wallet is all about blending style and functionality into a perfect wallet.

You get the comfort and design of a minimalist wallet combined with several areas to store all of your money, pictures, cards, and IDs.

The zippered pockets ensure you don’t have to worry about losing change that usually gets lost rolling around inside your wallet and dropping out.

The vintage cowhide leather wallet is a modern look on classic wallets that can’t be overlooked.

Cowhide Leather Wallet Specs and Features

This vintage cowhide leather wallet contains several pockets, slots, and zippers that I’m sure most of you can appreciate.

Check out the assortment that you’ll get with the wallet here:

  • 2 side zippers, and 1 long zipper slot for coins (the side purses are removable by the 2 side zippers)
  • 3 interior slots for credit cards, business cards, or cash
  • 5 credit card slots
  • 1 ID slot
  • And 2 long slots for cash/bills

When you buy anything vintage, you’re obviously looking for that throwback, classic feel.

The cowhide leather is naturally wrinkled and etched, and it brightens over time.

To some, this might seem like a downside but for someone looking for a true vintage leather wallet, this is a perfect fit.

How’s the Quality?

The quality is actually one of the best things about this wallet as it is made of genuine cowhide leather, which is naturally strong and durable.

Don’t settle for a cheap knockoff with pleather (plastic leather), you want the real deal.

This vintage cowhide leather wallet is super cheap at just below $30.

There’s no reason to steer away from actual leather.

It lasts longer, feels better, and looks better stylistically.

The interior is made of durable yet soft polyester. You need a strong grip on the exterior, hence the cowhide leather.  An interior material should be made of a softer material to protect your cash and cards from being ripped and scratched.

My Final Thoughts on the Vintage Cowhide Leather Wallet

This vintage wallet is a perfect choice for someone who enjoys classic appeal.

It looks rough, worn, and rugged and with the natural scratches and lines, it’s a top choice for style alone.

If its appearance isn’t good enough, then its functionality of it will be.

This wallet has more pockets and slots than most people need, which is why it has removable purses. Customize the wallet you store liking and you’re good to go.

The price is never consistent like any other product but you can usually get it for less than $25 on

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