The ACM Wallet: A Perfectly Simplistic Approach For Credit Cards

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Have you ever been in line at the store looking for your credit card but couldn’t find it? You don’t want to be that guy everyone’s waiting behind, tapping their feet while you’re frantically searching. You have to stay organized with your credit cards, which is where the ACM wallet and credit card holder comes in.

Stuffing all of your credit cards into your wallet isn’t only annoying for you (and the people behind you in line), but it can damage the cards. With the cards touching, scraping, and bending all the time, it’s no wonder you always find yourself trying to request a new one.

The ACM wallet and credit card holder is one of my favorite choices to keep credit cards perfectly in line without wondering where they all went. It features 18 icons (you can mix and match them) that you stick onto six tabs. Each tab lifts a different area of the wallet, releasing your chosen card.

It’s a pretty simple but nifty design. We’re in the age of technology and constant advancement, yet there are still people wasting time looking for a card in their wallet. Again, don’t be that guy that everyone hates…

The ACM Wallet Top Features and Specs

The ACM Wallet has unique features that make it the new age wallet with a simplistic design. It comes RFID protected, which prevents scammers from stealing your credit card info. You work hard for your money, so let the ACM wallet protect it.

It comes in 9 colors, all with chrome finishes. For a simplistic wallet design, that’s all you can ask for. It’s sleek, not too flashy, and it does the job perfectly.

Speaking of sleek, it’s only 2.5″ wide and 0.75″ thick. It fits just like a normal wallet, only it protects your cards and organizes them far more efficiently. Why should the payment process take 5 minutes at a store? Slide your wallet out, click out your credit card, pay, and put it away. Forget all the extra searching and worrying about credit card scams.

Worried about storing your cash? The ACM wallet isn’t just for credit cards. It comes with a money clip on the back, that’s flush with the wallet. Again, stop searching for cash and cards for way too long.

Quality and Durability

When it comes to durability, the ACM wallet and credit card holder doesn’t short you at all. It’s made of metal with a chrome finish. If that isn’t enough for you, then there’s also a lifetime warranty on every mechanism in the wallet.

The ACM wallet is high-quality, new-age technology for the simple man. Someone who doesn’t need a special pattern or a bunch of extra pockets. If you’re straight to the point and want to get through the payment process a little quicker, give the ACM wallet a shot.

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