Flipside Wallet’s Minimalist RFID Blocking Wallet – You Might Need This

By Jonah Ryan

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I used to think RFID wallets were useless and just another way to jack the price up so that these companies can make more money, but with what I have seen on the news, I have changed my mind completely.

Now if you don’t know what RFID means, know that it is a way that scammers can steal your credit card information, from which, of course, they will simply take your money.

Now if you want a better explanation, you can read more here as our friends over at Wikipedia have you covered.

This tactic is very much used all over the place, which is why products like the Flipside Minimalist Wallet are created.

You will be much safer with something so simple as an RFID-blocking wallet.

But is that all this wallet has to offer?

Let’s review some of the features with a short review of one wallet that might be your next companion.

Flipside Wallet’s Minimalist RFID Blocking Wallet Overview


A lot of modern-day wallets can be a pain.

There are too many uncomfortable, cheap materials that get used, and at the same time, you don’t want something too bulky that it’s annoying to sit on.

I like a simple wallet.

I’m all about minimalism and efficiency, and the minimalist RFID-blocking wallet by Flipside Wallets is a perfect combination of the two. You get a bunch of storage in a small, durable wallet.

Each one of your credit cards is neatly organized, and your bills clip in the center for easy access.

There’s no need to get anything extra fancy in the way.

This minimalist wallet goes straight to the point and targets the exact features you need.

Many scammers lately can scan your credit cards and steal the information straight through your wallet.

Regular non-RFID blocking wallets have no protection against this modern fraud, and I don’t know about you, but I prefer to protect what I earn.

Instead of being worried about getting robbed by these scammers, you should seriously consider getting an RFID-blocking wallet.

These wallets stop the thief in the process, protecting your hard-earned money.

The scam-prevention feature is the most notable of the Flipside wallet, but most other wallets don’t offer all kinds of cool specs.

While it isn’t the flashiest wallet, this durable flip wallet is a beast.

Top Specs of the Flipside Minimalist RFID-Blocking Wallet

When you’re picking out a wallet, one of the most important details is durability.

If you’re a construction worker, hiker, weight lifter, etc., you need a durable wallet. You can’t worry yourself with little things like if your wallet is going to tear or not.

The Flipside minimalist wallet is made of high-quality polycarbonate and aluminum fit for an aircraft.

You can drop this thing as many times as you want, and it still won’t budge. It’s a beast of a wallet with a mega-tough construction.

So you’re probably wondering what you can hold with this small wallet, right?

If it’s so compact, you’d think you wouldn’t have as much storage.

Well, it shocked me, too, but this minimalist wallet has tons of room to put your cash and cards.

This compact wallet has enough room for eight credit cards and up to 10 cash bills.

All slots are easily accessible and organized to take the headache out of getting your money.

You work hard with the rest of your time, don’t work hard pulling out your cash or cards.

The Flipside minimalist wallet also has an incredibly unique design for a wallet, and it flips open from the center to show all of your bills and then has multiple different slots to pop open and close to protect your cards.

When you’re done using the money, you’re new wallet clips closed to prevent anything from falling out, so you can see that Flipside takes care of its customers and doesn’t want you to lose money.

You can own one of these minimalist flip wallets for under $50.00.

Now if you can’t afford that, you might be better off leaving your money and cards in your pocket as that is really affordable and fairly priced.

See the Flipside Minimalist Wallet Here

Is this Minimalist Wallet Worth It?

In my opinion, this minimalist wallet is worth every penny. We don’t review any products that we don’t recommend.

I love the durability and the high quality of this product, but I most especially love the fact that it will protect you for a very affordable price.

The unique flipping mechanism also can’t be skipped over.

It’s super efficient, which I look for in all products I look into.

Being able to store eight credit cards and a bunch of cash is more than I could ask for in such a compact minimalist wallet.

If you’re interested in the Flipside minimalist RFID-blocking wallet, check it out on Amazon for the best price of under $50.00.

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