Tempus Afrikaans Men’s Zebra Wood Watch (TW-001)

By Jonah Ryan

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I remember when the sales for regular old watches were at an all time low thanks to this thing called the smart watch.

Now that all the hype is died down and everyone is used to seeing them around, it’s great to see that normal watches are back in style.

What’s even cooler is that there are new styles and materials being used, which I’m sure you’ll find to be interesting.

That is exactly what the Tempus Afrikaans has in store for us and I think with the material alone you will be very much intrigued.

With its nice look and overall uniqueness and sweet price, you will very much find this to be on your list of cool man gear to purchase.

Tempus Men’s Zebra Wood Watch Overview

I’m also interested in finding the next unique watch, backpack, or wallet on the market. I’m not into anything too popular or flashy, but every once in a while I find a pretty awesome product.

Most watches are either leather or metal, with a metal or plastic timepiece. I found something for you to check out on Amazon recently, and it’s no ordinary wristwatch.

The Tempus Men’s Zebra Wood Watch is one of the most unique rugged watches that I’ve ever come across. It has a wrist band that’s 100% wood aside from the metal clamp on the inside to secure the watch to your wrist. There’s also wood surrounding the timepiece itself.

Personally, I don’t really like regular watches or expensive Rolex’s. I’m all about these new awesome wooden watches that Tempus is creating lately. They’re incredibly unique. I mean think about it, who do you know that has an all wooden watch? I sure don’t know anyone with one.

The Top Features of this Wooden Watch

You’re probably wondering what kind of wood it is, so I made sure to get all the answers for you to save you some time. These wooden watches are made of 100% natural sandalwood. They’re also handcrafted and biodegradable.

These wooden watches come in a ‘zebra’ design. Basically it just means that they’re striped with darker wood throughout the light wooden of the watch. Since the watches are handmade, there are no 2 watches that will be the same. This just means that any watch you get will be unique to the next.

The stainless steel clasp ensures a strong security when you strap it to your wrist. When I first saw these wooden watches, I got a little worried. I mean, they’re made of wood. 

We all know that wood isn’t always the strongest material, especially when it’s super thin. Tempus ensures expert craftsmanship in their wooden watches, and boasts of their durability. The stainless steel clasp ensures you won’t lose it from breaking or tearing, like other materials might do.

So what do you get with this watch? Well, this wooden watch only has 2 features, which is enough for most people. It shows the time and the date.

When I look at my watch, I don’t want all the extra little dials and buttons to find out what I actually want. I love that Tempus limits the functions, because it gets straight to the point and ignores the unnecessary.

The price is about $50.00 currently, but don’t wait to long to jump on one of these wooden watches. They’re selling pretty quickly, so Tempus is slowly increasing the price due to high demand.

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What’s the Final Opinion of the Tempus Wooden Watch?

I absolutely love this watch. As I’m sure you know from other reviews, I’m all about minimalism and getting straight to the point. This watch is not only super unique, but it’s mega efficient. I’m also much more confident in the watch’s durability with the steel clasp.

The price range might seem a little high since it’s made out of wood and all. But when you take into account that it’s 100% hand crafted and unique per each watch, $50.00 almost seems like a no-brainer. I wanted to share this one with you guys quickly before the price raised too much.

If you’re looking for a rugged, minimalist, unique and straight to the point wooden watch, check out the Tempus Men’s Zebra Wood Watch. It’s got everything you need, and nothing you don’t. It’s also probably the most unique watch around, since handcrafting means that your watch will be unlike any other on the market.


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