Is The NiceEbag Rugged Briefcase All For Show?

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If you are in the market for a nice protective case of some sort then the NiceEbag rugged briefcase might just be the right fit for you.

With its “rugged” and bulletproof like appearance, will it actually be that armored bag that it seems to be or will it be another cheap product that is all for show?

This NiceEbag rugged briefcase review will give you an overall view of this bag so that you can decide for yourself if this is worth the money or something you should avoid.

I have learned my lesson from buying something based on looks alone and with this briefcase, I had to feel it for myself before making any buying decisions.

For its affordable price, I have mixed emotions about this bag but I’m sure it will help you decide on what will work best for you.

The NiceEbag Rugged Briefcase Overview

Laptops can be expensive, so you want to protect them well. Most backpacks just won’t do unless they’re designed to protect laptops specifically.

The problem here is that you always have to choose either a laptop-only backpack or a cheap laptop bag.

The good news is that I found a solution recently.

The NiceEbag Rugged Briefcase is both a durable laptop bag and a strong briefcase.

This rugged briefcase is more than just a way to carry your laptop. You can store anything you need in it, while trusting that it’ll stay protected.

Most laptop bags are cheap and not durable at all. They usually don’t actually protect your laptop, since they’re just a way to carry it. Again, your goal here is to protect your investment.

You wouldn’t want to buy a laptop and a laptop bag just to drop the bag and ruin both. You need armor, which is exactly what this rugged briefcase provides.

The NiceEbag Rugged Briefcase is also very easy to customize. You can choose to carry it around your shoulder like a traditional messenger bag, or you can hold it by the straps like a modern day briefcase. You truly get the best of both worlds without sacrificing quality.

The Top Features of this Rugged Briefcase

The NiceEbag Rugged Briefcase has a huge array of different features that’ll quickly become useful for you.

For starters, it’s waterproof.

Everyone knows that electronics don’t mix well with water, so it’s wise to protect your laptop.

This rugged briefcase also comes with a laptop pouch. It’s cushioned to prevent any scratches to your laptop, which is the main reason why you’re getting this armored briefcase in the first place.

The briefcase also includes several other pockets to protect and store your electronics and other items:

  • 3 inner pockets with zipper
  • 1 purse slot
  • 5 card slots
  • 3 pen slots
  • 1 key buckle

The bottom of this rugged briefcase features diamond-print hardened rubber which is meant to protect the bag from scratching.

Even simply setting down a briefcase or backpack can slowly tear the seams, so a protective layer is essential to make the bag last longer.

The Quality of the Briefcase

The NiceEbag Rugged Briefcase’s quality is honestly its greatest strength.

The outside of the briefcase is covered in hardened nylon ‘armor’ as they call it.

It’s strong and durable against the elements and can be bumped, dropped, and scraped all without damaging its contents.

Several grids and storage compartments prevent damage from dropping as well, as interior protection is just as important as external protection in this briefcase.

The outside can be as strong as diamond, but if you don’t have interior strength, the shock from a drop alone could break your laptop.

Luckily for you, NiceEbag thought about that when they filled their rugged briefcase with storage and thick layers of protection.

What’s the Final Verdict on the NiceEbag Rugged Briefcase

I’m a huge fan of this briefcase as I’ve always found myself frustrated with cheaply made, non-protective laptop bags.

You don’t want to carry your expensive gear in a bag.

You want something that’s armored and protective.

The NiceEbag Rugged Briefcase is honestly the best bet for someone who’s on the move with their laptop.

So if you work in a cafe, go to college, or have any other job/responsibility that compromises your gear, you should check out this armored and rugged laptop briefcase.

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