The Mancro Business Water Resistant Polyester Laptop Backpack

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a student, freelancer, entrepreneur, professional or just a gamer, more people than ever before are using their laptops away from home.

The more the remote laptop lifestyle grows, the more you need a backpack that will accommodate your routine.

You see, laptops aren’t exactly cheap purchases and traveling around with them is always a big risk.

You should be protecting your gadgets as much as possible, whilst remaining super comfortable and, of course, stylish.

That is why we recommend the Mancro Business Laptop Backpack.

Obviously the first thing you notice about any rucksack is the design.

We can safely say that the Mancro Business Laptop Backpack does not disappoint.

With just the perfect balance of grey tones and black accents, the end result is an attractive minimalistic and classy finish.

The interior is just as impressive as the exterior.

With a built-in laptop sleeve that holds any laptop smaller than 17 inches, this dedicated compartment allows your laptop to be safe and secure.

Other compartments are great places to place any chargers, adapters, earphones and, well, whatever else you require.

So, you have your laptop, possibly heavy textbooks and loads of other electronic gadgets, how is the durability?

Pretty amazing actually.

Even with all this weight, the Mancro Business Laptop Backpack never feels like it will break – crafted from durable, eco-friendly Nylon fabric.

Don’t worry, the padded shoulder straps will allow you to carry the weight too; this backpack is super comfortable…they really have considered everything.

Perhaps the most interesting part about the Mancro Backpack is that it offers a built in USB charger.

Simply, there’s a connection between the interior and exterior of the backpack.

This means that you can connect your phone or any other device on the outside via the laptop or power bank that you have on the inside.

This is an ingenious idea which minimizes any kind of hassle you may have when searching for places to charge or when you’re on the go.

Now, it’s all fine having so much technology and gadgets in one rucksack, until you realise the worth that it actually holds.

So, this Laptop Backpack includes a theft-proof combination lock, keeping your peace of mind and everything in your rucksack super safe.

And as for any kind of accidents you might have, this backpack is waterproof, so if you find yourself in a situation where the backpack has got wet (rain or drink spillages for example), you can rest assured that all the contents inside will remain nice and dry.


Here’s the product description condensed down:

  • Dimensions: 20 x 12.2 x 5.7. Can fit a laptop that is smaller than 17 inches in the compartments inside.
  • It has 3 main pockets, 9 small inner pockets that are great for other gadgets and 2 side pockets. Provided in this is a dedicated space for your laptop or whatever other gadgets you choose.
  • There’s an external USB and built in charging cable.
  • Made from durable fabrics and has padded shoulders so that both you and the rucksack can carry everything you need.
  • It has a theft poof combination lock to ensure all your valuables stay safe.

What’s all this going to cost you?

How does $45 sound?

Well that’s about the average price for this backpack although the price is probably never consistent.

If you shop on Amazon, you can actually find the Mancro backpack for as low as $25.

For something as cool as this, I think it’s really worth it.

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