The Master Note Travelers Notebook

By Jonah Ryan

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Note-taking has become quite the topic as it just isn’t the same.

We all have to remember that “there’s an app for that” and regular old notebooks are a thing of the past.


Call me old school but if you’re anything like me, you know how apps can be the last thing you look at and it is one of those things you can’t rely on.

Nothing beats a good old paper and pen combination and that is what the Master Note Traveler’s Notebook


The Master Note Travelers Notebook Overview

Many notebooks nowadays either look too plain or overly colorful. There’s a sort of vintage feel that a lot of people need (including myself) when it comes to writing notes down. You don’t want to feel like you’re in school with a plain composition book.

If you’re looking for a unique, minimalist notebook, I think I’ve found the one for you. The Master Note travelers notebook is an ideal journal for anyone looking for a rustic feel to their notes. Its design is old-fashioned, and it gives a truly stylistic feel to your writing.

With all the cool new gear you’ve been looking at, it’s time to start matching your writing material as well. I’m all about saving you some money, which is why I chose this traveler’s notebook in the first place. Combined with its classic appeal, I couldn’t find a better choice.

These travelers’ notebooks are few and far between. It’s not often that you see someone with a vintage leather notebook, bound by a leather tying string. The single tie string also makes it a little more classic feeling. Simply wrap the leather notebook up, tie it off, and you’re good to go.

Top Specs of the Travelers Notebook by Master Note

Obviously one of the more important specs of any notebook is the page count. This traveler’s notebook stands at 200 pages, which is far more than many competitors. The bulk of the 200 pages adds to the adventurer vibe and completes the rugged appeal.

If you’re into the environment, and I am, then you’ll love the eco-friendly features of this rugged notebook. All of its pages are 100% recycled cotton, and the leather is dyed with oils that are non-acidic. It’s one of the most eco-friendly and durable notebooks that I could find.

This 5 x 7-inch travelers notebook is perfectly sized for anyone on the go. It’s not too bulky in length and width, but the depth is bulk enough to provide a unique vintage style.

Travelers’ notebooks aren’t meant to be massive. As the description states, it’s a¬†traveler’s¬†notebook. They’re on the go, and they don’t have much space to spare.

Quality of the Notebook

The Master Note travelers notebook uses high-quality oil-dyed leather and it’s wrapped with a strengthened leather string to secure its pages.

I don’t believe in sharing any low-quality or non-durable products, so you can rest assured that this is one of the best travelers’ notebooks at its price.

Each of the 100% recycled cotton pages is handwoven into the spine of the notebook.

This process not only strengthens and holds the pages, but it actually strengthens the spine as well. With each page sewn in, the spine has a stronger base.

Final Thoughts on the Travelers Notebook by Master Note

I’m all about the vintage-minimalist vibe of this traveler’s notebook. It’s not overly flashy or showy, but it’s still very unique.

The single leather tie string adds an interesting touch to really make this the all-around adventurer’s notebook.

All of the gear that I encourage and review is stylistic and unique, and this traveler’s notebook is no exception.

Do you want to have the same notebook as everyone else, or do you want to break from the repetition and have your own style?

If you want to have a unique style, the Master Note travelers notebook is the best place to start.

I mean, Jack Sparrow probably owns one of these bad boys.

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