Bellroy Duo Totepack Review – Backpack & Tote All in One For the Indecisive

By John Cruz

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Bellroy has gone from phone cases to bags and I think that is awesome.

Not only are their products of high quality but they always look awesome.

One of these bags is the “Duo Totepack” and this was the first one that caught my attention.

The simplicity caught my eye but after a little digging, this small thing can become something bigger thanks to its sleek design.

It might be simple and pretty, but this bad boy transforms into a backpack for a lot more carry.

And, if you’re someone like me that works at coffee shops, busy food courts, or anywhere that I can get work done, this is definitely a bag worth looking into.

Product Overview

Bellroy is always looking to be simple and that is perfect if you prefer the minimalistic lifestyle.

With the Totepack, you are dealing with a very simplistic backpack and tote bag in one.

It is more on the tote side of things, as far as its compartments are concerned, but it does have straps to allow you to carry it on your back.

With nothing but a few compartments, you can hold a laptop and other not-so-big items, which is great for an everyday carry bag.


This is where I like to start because almost all purchasing decisions are made through the overall look of, well, anything actually.

So out of all of Bellroy’s bags, this is the one that caught my eye.

I’m more of a backpack kind of guy and I have always used a backpack as they just fit my lifestyle.

After even just seeing this bag, I immediately became a fan of the tote.

I liked the feel of looking into the bag with things laid, rather than having to sift through things.

From always recommending backpacks, to a now tote bag fan, this is one to consider.

The Duo Totepack comes in two colors (black and grey), but I’m not sure if they will be getting more in the future.



Looking into this bag reminds me of when I had to carry a diaper bag around and I’m also very familiar with it.

Still able to hold a laptop and other things for your everyday carry, this bag has just the right amount of space.

Storing things in a more vertical style, the main compartment storage is great.


I have not been able to really put this bag to the test but I do have other Bellroy products that have been with me for years and I’m sure this bag can handle a lot.

If that doesn’t satisfy your purchasing needs, don’t forget that Bellroy always has a nice warranty that allows you to get a new product in case something does happen.

The Price

This is where most of you might be turned off and I really can’t blame you.

To own the Bellroy Duo Totepack, you will need to fork out $289 buckaroos.


If you do decide to go the Bellroy route, most of its products are on the pricier side.

You definitely need to have the flow before you decide to pull out that credit card.

Personally, I think this bag should fall around the $150 price point.

They just launched their bag line a couple of months ago, so their prices might go down a little later.

To Buy or Not to Buy?

Guys, if you are in the market for a new carry AND you have the dough then definitely go for it.

Not one to spend a lot on a bag but sometimes you just have to go for it.

I’m a big fan of Bellroy and their products are definitely made of high-quality material.

Overall, I think this is an awesome carry and somewhat worth it if you have some money to spend. 

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