Nitecore BP20 Review – MOLLE Compatible and Very Affordable

By John Cruz

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nitecore-bp20-reviewWhen I was in the Army, I really liked this one specific tactical backpack that they sold at Ranger Joe’s and I just never got around to getting it.

Now that I came across the Nitecore BP20 multipurpose backpack, it brought back so many memories of the one that got away.

Maybe this review might be a bit biased since this was the first backpack I actually wanted and didn’t get, but I’m sure you will get more than enough information so you can decide if this is the bag for you or not.

Let’s get into things and I’ll give you some key information on what this backpack has to offer.

Nitecore BP20 Multipurpose Backpack Review

Name: Nitecore BP20

Price: $69.96

Where to Buy: Amazon

Overall Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Product Overview

Made out of nylon, the Nitecore BP20 is designed for the outdoors but is more for traveling and short trips as this bag is not waterproof.

However, it does come with a packable rain cover that can cover the whole backpack if you do need to protect it from water.

It has a very large main compartment along with some compression straps that allows you to compress the pack so it isn’t so bulky, just like the ones you would find on a MOLLE ruck.

It can fit a laptop (13″) but nothing more as this backpack is designed to be longer and slimmer than a normal backpack.

Equipped with two pockets in the front, you can store your everyday carry items from pens to your cellphone, but I definitely don’t recommend it.

The Price

This is the best part about this backpack as it still costs the same as when I was in the army and that my friend is over a decade ago.

You can get it for $69.95 on Amazon but you can find this at Ranger Joe’s and other military stores.

Price: $69.95 From

Who This is For

Definitely a real man’s bag, this backpack is for the ultimate, I want to take my whole house with me type of person.

Great for carrying clothes and other bulky items, this can be a great pack for a camping trip, traveling, and for you military personnel heading out to the field.

With a MOLLE system attached, you can hang those D rings to hold your gloves and other quick access equipment.


With a nice price and a huge compartment, this is definitely a great buy.

Don’t forget that this is not waterproof though, so this might not be great for hiking and other activities that might expose you to the elements.

Overall, this is a simple, yet useful backpack and one that will be worth your money.


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