Dude Wipes Review: The Alternative (Called Baby Wipes) Works Just Fine


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Dude Wipes.

There are so many things that come to mind when I hear of such a product but a lot of thinking also went on in this peanut brain of mine.

“Is this taking man-geine a bit too far?”

“Is this even necessary?”

Although I am a parent (with a child still in diapers), I couldn’t help but think of the feminine wipes I used to use on my deployment overseas and not the ones I use to wipe my baby’s butt as well as clean anything and everything that can use a nice baby wipe.

Then I think about every single time I’m done taking a dump at home and how I jump right in the shower to flush my Ay ess ess.

Thin I think about Dude Wipes and what they could do for me when I don’t have the luxury of jumping in the shower.

Then I most especially think about the same feminine wipes I used overseas  along with the baby wipes in my car, at home, and in every pack we carry.


Are Dude Wipes even worth it?

I think not and here’s why.

Dude Wipes Review

For one, I am not a single stallion walking the streets so I can feel for those of you dudes that need to be up to standard with your hygiene.

You can always use feminine wipes, but why, when you can get some dude wipes?

Well, these Dude Wipes aren’t the cheapest thing on the market and you don’t quite get the same amount if you were to buy a whole box of Huggies wipes at Walmart.

That’s why.

Let’s do a comparison of the two as this is the perfect specimen for the issue of getting that place where the sun don’t shine cleaned.

Being the parent I am, I can’t help but compare the two as I use baby wipes for more than just my kid’s asses.

Baby wipes can do a lot of things but as far as hygiene and overall use, let’s see if we are in fact getting a quality product for a fair price.

Dude Wipes VS Baby Wipes


The first thing I wanted to point out was the value side of things.

With Dude Wipes, you get 48 in a pack that costs $9.99 compared to a THREE pack of Huggies wipes that costs $5.47 and gives you a total of 168 wipes.

I’m sure you already saw this coming but you have to give these wipes the benefit of the doubt.

Ummm…Baby Wipes 1, Dude Wipes 0.


Dude Wipes are a whole 25% larger than regular wipes.


Pump the brakes.

I don’t know what wipes they compared them to but Dude Wipes are definitely not 25% bigger than baby wipes.

As a matter of fact, they are even smaller than baby wipes, so I don’t know who made that claim.

At this point, it’s not looking too good for Dude Wipes.

Baby Wipes 2, Dude Wipes 0.


Not a huge fan of unscented stuff but that is what Dude Wipes comes with.

However, the “unscented” does have a smell and it is actually not that bad.

I tried to find a way for Dude Wipes to win here but even in the smell department, I think baby wipes wins again.

You get only one scent if you plan on getting Dude Wipes and that is it.

With baby wipes giving you ten million different options to choose from, I have to give this one to baby wipes as well.

That fresh scent you get with Dude Wipes is great but I have smelled some baby wipes that have that clean smell to them.


Dude Wipes wins this one.


The fact that they are flushable is really great and you can’t say the same for baby wipes.

Intended mainly for your behind, you don’t need to be throwing wipes in a trash can after using them and this is where Dude Wipes really come in handy.

Then again, if you get a good wipe with some tissue like you would do anyways, you can still use a baby wipe and not stink up the place by throwing it in the trash.

Overall, I prefer baby wipes more and I’m not a huge fan of these Dude Wipes, especially with the many complaints they have received.

“They don’t make them like they used to”

“They are very thin and fall apart easily”

A lot has changed since these things launched and it definitely wasn’t for the better.

Final score: Baby Wipes 3, Dude Wipes 1

Final Verdict: Not Recommended

Dude Wipes are just too expensive and with the new changes, you are definitely not getting your money’s worth.

If you feel the need to be different then maybe these will be fine for you.

I wouldn’t personally recommend them and you can either go with some ManGroomer Biz wipes instead or just grab some good old baby wipes.

Other than that, you can always try them for yourself as I’m sure some of you would still have to try them for yourself before you can make a better decision.

Thanks for reading and good luck!

Checkout Dude Wipes Here!


6 thoughts on “Dude Wipes Review: The Alternative (Called Baby Wipes) Works Just Fine”

  1. I happen to come across this article because I saw Dude Wipes on a linked in post. I then saw that there were many reviews on Amazon and these guys were on Shark Tank. I kept asking myself what is the big deal about this company? Then I came to your review and now i get it. Your review is fine, but as a guy, it is definitely about the name. I am not telling anyone I use Huggies when I could be using Dude Wipes. I am being a little sarcastic, but after reviewing this, I would buy their product just for the name!

    • The one thing I can’t stand about dude wipes is you pull 1 out 3 4 come out and for this reason I wo t be buying that type of packaging again!

  2. I just paid $150 to a plumber to get a very difficult out from somewhere deep in my sewer between my house and the mainline under the street, and when it finally was snaked out, it was a big clog made out of my Dude Wipes. I had bought a 4-pack from Amazon and was only just into my 2nd pack. Plumber said You can’t flush wipes! I said the package says Flushable. He told me NO wipes are flushable. So over 100 expensive wipes are now in the trash.

    DONT FLUSH ANY WIPES! Even these!!

    There are now liquid alternatives to spray on TP at Amazon for us swampyass dudes.

    • Hahahaha! Definitely don’t flush down anything other than toilet paper, EVEN if they claim to be “flushable”. Thanks for sharing though Deej as I’m sure other swampyass dudes might just try to flush them Dude Wipes down the toilet. Not worth the $150 job, that’s for sure. Also, might be a little TMI but I just jump in the shower every time I take a Deej, so try that next time.

  3. the 25% bigger is compared to things like the cottonelle moist wipes (also inferior vs baby wipes). i’ll stick with my Huggies.


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