Dayfarer By Farer Design: Best Backpack For Gym and Work?

By John Cruz

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In this day and age, most of us work and are into health and fitness, so there is nothing better than having a pack that is designed for the lifestyle.

Introducing the Dayfarer by Farer Design.

A backpack that has what you need for work and is ready for you to Hulk smash at the gym.

Created by David Hundertmark from Cologne, Germany, this backpack took about a year to create, so you know there was a lot of thought and planning put into this simple backpack.

With a great look and supposedly the ability to accommodate work and gym life, let’s see what this bag really has to offer.

The look and design is absolutely amazing.

This part alone is almost enough for me to get the Dayfarer but there is actually a lot more going on here.

If you like simple, sleek, and flat out badass looking like I do, then you will appreciate the overall look of this backpack.

There isn’t too much going on and it isn’t in the shape of your normal EDC that everyone and their mothers are using, so you can bet that you will be unique.

If standing out from the crowd is what you want to accomplish then this is definitely one backpack that will do just that.

The Dayfarer is definitely functional.

Work, gym, and travel?

Finding a solid travel pack is already a task, now combining it with the gym might actually work being that the similar items are shared in both fields.

Shoes, for one is a very essential piece for the gym and is also great for anyone on the go and having a compartment for it is just great.

The shoe compartment for this pack is also ventilated, so you can have your funk airing out, rather than slapping you in the face come time to take it out.

Then again, everyone might smell your nasty feet with this feature, so it is an iffy one that you need to decide on whether it is a pro or a con.

The storage space in the Dayfarer is fair as it is spread out throughout the bag.

The main compartment is not together with the laptop section, which is really great because you don’t have to go through everything just to get to it.

It is a clamshell style backpack so everything will be laid out rather than having to dig in to things.

The side pockets are really great as well as they are sleek and very much functional.

One is for a water bottle that expands with an elastic band but can also be zipped up when a bottle isn’t present to make it seem as if there isn’t even a pocket there.

So simple but probably my most favorite feature on this backpack even if everything else is pretty sweet.

There are carry handles on top as well as on the same side as the water bottle pocket, which is great for when you need to grab and go.

Not to mention these handles are actually very durable unlike the many other products out there that are only great for show.

Oh and I forgot about the front pockets that are great for quick access even if it seems like there isn’t any.

The other main thing I liked about this pack were the shoulder straps.

Not only are they comfortable but they have hidden pockets for your keys or a gym membership card of some sort.

The price is also not too shabby and can be purchased on Kickstarter or Indigogo, which is where the backpack got its start in the first place.

There are also optional accessory straps, a chest strap, or a waist strap that needs to be purchased separately if need be.

With great quality, functionality, and flat out great design, this is definitely one of our most favorite carries out there.

Not many bags can beat this in any of the categories, so great job David for providing such a great product that people like myself can showoff the next time I “go to the gym”.

Overall, this backpack gets two thumbs up and highly recommended to anyone looking for a solid everyday carry.


8 thoughts on “Dayfarer By Farer Design: Best Backpack For Gym and Work?”

  1. My brother will start working soon and I want to get something special for him. He just started going to the gym and this backpack can be a thoughtful present.
    I am really not knowledgeable about backpacks and actually have not bought one for a long time. The price is decent but how is quality price ratio?

    • The quality is definitely there man but it isn’t going to be some military grade stuff like what GORUCK has. It is definitely great for an EDC, as it looks great, and is very convenient. 

  2. Wow, this looks like a great bag. I really love the pocket in the straps, I would keep my metro card and maybe some spare cash there for emergencies!
    Very sleek design, too. It sounds like you can customize the inside a bit too, with the adjustable show compartment. But I don’t see the measurements. Do you know what the cubic inches are? With and without the divider?

  3. Thanks John, this new Dayfarer backpack is just what I need.  I absolutely love the shoe compartment and the accessory pockets built into the straps.  I know what to add to my Christmas list this year or maybe I might just gift myself this.  Who knows. It really looks like a well made quality bag and one that I think looks really awesome. I was just wondering if it came in any other colors?

  4. Hey there 😉

    Thank You for this detailed and informative review, You have done a great job! As far as Dayfarer By Farer backpack goes, I have to say I am very impressed by it! First of all, the design is simple, yet sleek and elegant-looking, I like it! But the most important aspect is of course that build quality and comfort level, and I am very happy that his backpack provides high build quality, great durability and high comfort, its amazing! Also, it has great functionality which is a huge bonus and a very welcome adition! Plus, this backpack is affordable which makes things even better. Keep up the good work 😉

  5. This seems like the backpack that I will be getting. I love the fact that I have a shoe compartment that separate from all the other compartments with air holes too of course. The backstrap and allows you to put on a roller suitcase is cool too.

    Awesome find. I’m just wondering is it waterproof or water resistant? 


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