Is the WANDRD DUO Daypack Worth Buying? [Review]

By John Cruz

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Welcome to my WANDRD DUO Daypack review.

If you are in the market for a new everyday carry or a sweet camera backpack, then you might be onto the right product.

Created by WANDRD, the DUO Daypack is specifically designed for photographers who are constantly on the go.

With some upgrades from their first backpack, the DUO Daypack has features that even backpackers alone will love.

But before you make any buying decisions, let me show you why I think this is going to be a great fit for YOU.

And if what I have to say doesn’t fit you, then hey, there are always other packs that will work perfectly for you.

I do believe you will find nothing but awesomeness with this specific backpack.


WANDRD DUO Daypack Review – Product Overview



Name: DUO Daypack


Price: $234

Where to Buy:

Overall Rating: 4.9/5 stars

The DUO Daypack by WANDRD is great for photographers, but it’s great for everyone. With its stylish look and many pockets, it’s one of the better backpacks on the market.

Introducing…the DUO Daypack By WANDRD

Let’s start things off with the looks and style of the DUO Daypack.

Compared to their first product (the PRVKE), things have changed for the better.

I’m a simplistic-look guy, and that is what I like most about the DUO Daypack.

Not a fan of the little flap on the front; the PRVKE was not on my list of best backpacks.

Fast forward to today, and you can bet that I have backed the DUO Daypack.

I am not a photographer, but as a full-time blogger who lands at coffee shops almost daily, this is the kind of everyday carry that I can sure use.

And this, my friend, is based on looks alone.

Let’s see what this backpack can actually do.

DUO Daypack Specs


There is only one size and one color when it comes to this backpack.

I personally like that idea, but some of you might like more options.

The bag is 19.5″ tall and 11.5″ wide.

It weighs 2.6 lbs and can hold 20L worth of junk.

It is built out of waterproof material and has some YKK zippers, but it is not waterproof.

Maybe weather and water-resistant, but you can’t submerge it under water and expect everything to stay dry.

I mean, what bag can do that, and why would you need that?

Water resistance will keep your things dry if any splashing should happen.

That’s how bags work, and with the YKK zippers, you can bet that you will have a nice seal to protect your goodies.



Gone are the days of the main compartment, a smaller compartment up front, and maybe some side pockets.

The DUO Daypack has a lot to offer when it comes to being organized, and that’s exactly how it should be.

Instead of stuffing everything in one big pocket, the DUO Daypack opens up like you’re about to display a future mall or something.

Once opened, you have access to almost the whole bag.

What’s cool, though, is that it doesn’t open in a way that everything will fall on the ground as it sounds.

The bag opens in a controlled manner and will give you access to what you need and not open with everything scattered.

Then we have the pop cube.

This super simple idea is one of my favorite features of this bag.

Great for a camera or anything sensitive but is great for storing your shoes or anything sensitive.

This cube can be popped up for when you need it or folded down like it doesn’t even exist.

The million other pockets will store whatever else you want, but I don’t think you will run out of special spaces for all your gear.

The laptop compartment is awesome.

Located in its designated pocket, the laptop storage is away from everything else.

Besides that, functionality is definitely a part of the DUO Daypack.

The InfiniteZip™ System

When it comes to backpacks and purses, you can almost count on digging in there for something.

You’ll move this that way and move it back again, just to go through the whole process before finding exactly what it is that you are looking for.

Not with the InfiniteZip™ System.

By having zippers on almost every corner of the bag, you can easily access whatever it is you want.

You can slide the bag to your left side and get access to one side of the bag, or you can slide it to your right and have access there.

One whole backpack, access from all angles.



I have two words for you.

Lifetime warranty.

That’s what you get if you do decide to buy the WANDRD DUO Daypack.

I don’t mention that to tell you how confident these guys are in their product but rather to show you how durable this bag really is.

The DUO Daypack is as high of a quality as a backpack gets and is even comparable to some military-style bags.

With some YKK zippers and 840D Jr. Ballistic Nylon, you know this is made from some good stuff.

It may not be like the 5.11 RUSH12, but it will withstand the elements.

I know they do a little test with a pressure washer but don’t do that.

This bag is designed for commuters, not animals.

I’m not saying you should treat it like a princess but just take care of the bag like you would a Bellroy Duo or something.



During its days on Kickstarter, you could get the Duo Daypack for $164.

By going through Kickstarter or Indiegogo, product creators rely on people like you and me to fund the production of these products.

Without reaching a set budget, there is no way the product can even start being worked on.

But at the time of writing this review, the DUO Daypack has gone way passed its goal of $25,000.

There is still some time left, though, and they could still use some backers.

Now, this is especially great for you.

By getting in early, you get a nice little discount.

There are two early bird specials, then we have the regular pricing, and then there is a retail price that will be the flat rate once everything has settled.

For you super early birds, you can get the DUO Daypack for $164, which is really a great price for a bag of this caliber.

If you get it a little later than the earliest birds, it will cost you $175.

And if you are last on the backing list, it is going to cost you $190.

Wait until it’s sold outside of Kickstarter, and you’re looking at spending over $200 on this bad boy.

And, as I mentioned, the Duo Daypack is now $234 on their official website.

Compared to its competitors though, that’s a very reasonable price for a very, very durable and functional backpack.

They are low on stock, so get your Wandrd Duo Daypack before they run out.

Final Verdict: Buy the WANDRD Duo Daypack

If you have no use for this, then don’t get it.

Now, if you are looking for a nice everyday carry, you should consider this.

I absolutely love the look and style of this bag, along with the functionality that most bags lack.

I give the WANDRD DUO Daypack two thumbs up and will add this to my list of must-buy backpacks.

Besides that, thanks for reading my WANDRD DUO Daypack review.

I hope you have gotten all the information you need to help in your buying decisions.

If you feel that I have left something out, please do let me know.

Thanks for reading!

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