The Layover By Gravel [Review]: A Blanket Designed For Travelers

By John Cruz

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Welcome to my review of the Layover.

We all know how amazingly awesome airplane blankets aren’t but no one has ever thought of a better alternative.

That little blue blanket that can barely cover your body, let alone keep you warm just doesn’t cut it.

You can sit there and say it’s better than nothing or you can do what Gravel did.

Create a blanket that can at least do what it’s supposed to do.

Keep you warm.

But with some added features that you won’t normally see in a regular old blanket, will the Layover be your solution to all of life’s blanket problems?

Let’s go over this product to see if it is worth more than a smart idea.


The Layover Review – Product Overview



Product Name: The Layover

Maker: Gravel

Price: $99 on Kickstarter

Overall Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Yet another product from Kickstarter that we are willing to back. You can’t not love the idea of pockets in a blanket for travel that can actually fit your whole body.

This product is only available on Kickstarter so get one before they start shipping.

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So What Exactly is the Layover?

Created by Gravel, the Layover is not your ordinary blanket.

Built mainly for travelers, this blanket takes care of some of the headaches that come with the standard airplane-issued blanket.

Is your blankie not big enough?

The Layover solved that problem.

Is your blankie not small enough to haul around?

The Layover solved that too.

Gone are the days of just bringing a pillow and in are the days of bringing your personal blanket.

This is one product that I’m sure you frequent flyers will love.

So let’s see what you will get if you did decide to back the Layover.

The Layover Out of the Box (or bag)


The Layover is your blanket for all your travel needs.

Specifically designed for travelers but suitable for almost any activity that requires just that extra warmth and comfort.

This is not your ordinary blanket and I’m sure you already knew that.

Now, what would really make a blanket so unique besides maybe the material?

Designed for traveling, the Layover has some cool features that make it the blanket it is.

Let’s go over some of the stuff I actually really liked about the Layover.


I’m not one to drool over something like a blanket and the Layover isn’t an exception either.

However, I do like what it can do.

With some pockets for your legs and a kangaroo pocket for your hands, that’s already a lot to like.

Forget about playing tug-o-war trying to keep your upper body and your legs warm.

The Layover has pockets to keep your whole body warm.

And if you’re tired of waking up to your blanket getting stepped on, there are some nice little clips that can keep it in place.

Oh and I’m sure you’ll enjoy a pocket that holds your personal belongings.


When you think of a blanket, you think bulky and unless it’s your daughter’s princess blanket, it will most likely never see the outside of your house.

Now when it comes to airplane blankets, let’s not even go there.

With the Layover, I’m sure you will appreciate the fact that it is not bulky and weighs less than a pair of running shoes.

The nylon used to create this product, you can bet that it is not heavy, or bulky, and it will do a lot more than a regular blanket will.

You can strap this bad boy to the outside of your backpack or you can just shove it in with the rest of your junk.

Or, you can use it to sleep on as it does have one more trick up its sleeve.

How About a Pillow?

This feature is a bit tricky but we still like it.

So the Layover can fold into and act as a pillow if need be.

That’s great as it doesn’t just get hauled around as just something in a bag.

However, there is one problem I have with this.

How are you going to cover yourself and use it as a pillow at the same time?

Not to sound bratty or anything but I just thought I’d point that out.

Pillow factor is definitely still cool and at least it has the ability to become one.

I see this as a no-brainer but at least there was more thought put into it as it does reverse into a nice fuzzy little pillow.

Is the Layover Durable?

For the price to get the Layover, you better have some high-quality stuff.

The Layover is made out of 20D Nylon, which is what allows it to be folded in the small little sack that it folds into.

This very much reminds me of the nice little “wooby” that we were issued when I was in the Army.

That was one piece of military gear that I carried around with me because it kept me really warm.

After a while, I started leaving it behind because it took too much space in my everyday carry.

So you know the Layover is durable and will keep you as warm as you need to be just from the material alone.

The Price


Overall, there are cool additions to this blanket but not something that will make you feel that it will cost a lot of money.

At $99 a pop, I think the price is somewhat fair.

If you want to get yourself the Traveler, you will need to spend $99 at the time of writing this review.

That’s $84 for the blanket + shipping charges.

It can only be purchased on Kickstarter, so don’t expect to see this at Walmart or any stores just yet.

Get The Layover Here!

Final Verdict: Worthwhile Investment

If you travel enough to put the Layover to use, then this would be a wise investment.

Now if you freeze your butt off and are looking to be the only comfortable person on the plane then this would also be a great buy.

The guys at Gravel obviously love what they do and I think they have put together a great product that is useful and definitely unique.

If you are in the market for another great product, I think backing the Layover is a great idea.

Besides that, I hope this Layover review has been helpful to you in one way or another.

If you do decide to buy the Layover, I hope it’s everything you thought it would be.

Thanks for reading!

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