7 Reasons to Buy RhinoWolf 2.0

By John Cruz

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Welcome to my RhinoWolf 2.0 review.

No I did not purchase this product but I did get to see the first RhinoWolf tent.

What I can give you is every reason in the book to buy and not to buy this product as I’m not here to be biased.

All the reviews on the net are positive but there’s on problem I have.

There are literally only a handful.

So how can you get any kind of statistics from 3 people’s thoughts?

You don’t.

But what you do get is a biased approach to the RhinoWolf product.

Thankfully, this guy that does not know anything about the product will give you the thoughts from an outsider looking in.

We don’t settle for mediocre and we don’t throw money away either.

So if you want nothing but the best information on the RhinoWolf 2.0 sleeping bag, you have come to the right place.

Let’s get into this tent (no pun intended) and we shall see if this is even worth buying.


RhinoWolf 2.0 Review – Product Overview



Product: RhinoWolf 2.0 All in one tent Price: $199 Where to Buy: Kickstarter Overall Rating: 4.5/5 stars Overall, we love the RhinoWolf 2.0 tent. It’s simple, comes with some cool extras, and has a price that can beat a regular old tent. At the time of writing this review, this product is still in the process of raising funds for production. If you’d like, you can order it in advance by backing it on Kickstarter. Click Here to Get RhinoWolf 2.0  

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Why Buy the RhinoWolf 2.0 Tent?

When you think of a camping tent, you think actual tent, a bunch of stakes, and that’s about it.

Sleeping bags are thought of separately and a sleeping mattress is probably not even considered.

Things are very simple and standard until something like RhinoWolf comes along.

With the all-in-one factor and a nice sales video, what could make you want to purchase or back this product on Kickstarter or Indiegogo?

Maybe the coolness?

Maybe the hype and positive reviews that you see on the interweb?

For whatever reasons you might have that have you pulling out your credit card, I want to show you why I would personally buy this tent.

So before you commit to buying this tent, let’s see what you are really getting.

1. Simplicity & Functionality


If there’s one thing that really stood out when I first came across this tent, it had to be the fact that it is simple.

No one likes anything complicated, especially when it comes to putting up a dang camping tent.

I’ve bought many cheap tents in my life, and something always went wrong when packing things up.

Either one pole went missing, or something broke while trying to put it away.

With RhinoWolf 2.0, packing up is as simple as it gets.

On top of it being so simple, it is absolutely functional.

This leads me to the next reason why you should buy RhinoWolf 2.0.

2. The “All-in-one” Factor


Tents are tents until something like RhinoWolf comes along.

Then tents become tents with sleeping bags and air mattresses to go with your shelter.

With such a simple idea, why didn’t such an invention come out a long time ago?

Well, that’s because we are usually content with what we have.

Now, with people who are actually into something like camping, you can bet that they will try to change how you camp.

Why not create a tent with a built-in air mattress and a sleeping bag?

That’s what happened, and a baby RhinoWolf was born.

This time, we have a new and improved version, which I’m sure you will like better.

3. The Air Mattress


Air mattresses are cool, but they are amazing when they come equipped with a camping tent.

But that’s not what I really like about this specific air mattress.

This mattress comes with a little bag that pumps it.

Not to say that I’m some lazy dude that doesn’t love his cheeks hurting from blowing up anything, but I just think that this is definitely a plus.

4. The Sleeping Bag


Sleeping bags are awesome as they remind me of when I was in the Army.

I’ve yet to find one that actually sucks, as they all do a great job.

So what makes the RhinoWolf 2.0 sleeping bag any different?

How about being able to connect to other sleeping bags?

Well, that’s what this can do, which goes along with my next point.

5. Attachable Features


So we know that the sleeping bag can attach.

We know that the overall design of this tent is meant for just one person.

From the size all the way to the height from which you will sit up.

With RhinoWolf 2.0, you can connect as many tents as you’d like so that you can have more space.

This is especially great if you have kids.

You can go camping with friends and use just one tent, or you can connect more than one for family outings.

The option is there if need be, so that is another cool feature.

6. Quick & Easy Setup


Setting up a tent seems super simple until you pull out all the poles and can’t seem to figure out where to start.

With RhinoWolf 2.0, all I have is one thing to say.

One pole.

I always thought having the little poles folded and extended was cool but trying to get them to work the way they should be complicated.

By using just one pole, you have got to be a little on the slow side not to get this one.

Everything is integrated, so not a single part of this tent will confuse you or get you lost.

All I’m thinking when I see this is, where was this when I was in the Army?

It does not get any easier than this, and I’m sure you’ll love the price even more.

7. The Price & Selection


Compared to the first RhinoWolf tent, the 2.0 version comes with a little surprise.

Instead of the $359 that you would spend with the original, 2.0 is only going to cost you $199.

That’s a whole $150 cheaper for a tent that just got a facelift.

If that isn’t enough for you to get one, then that’s fine too.

Just know that this product just launched and will only be available in December 2019.

Be the first to get one and save, as well as the price will increase once it hits the market.

Where to Buy RhinoWolf 2.0

At the time of writing this review, this is a Kickstarter product and can only be found there.

I’m sure it will be available at other places like Amazon.com, but for now, Kickstarter is the only place that you can get it from.

The cool factor alone is enough for me to back this project, but I want to know your thoughts.

Do you really think that RhinoWolf 2.0 is going to be better than the first one?

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  1. That product is a scam! I’m one of the hundreds of backers on Kickstarter who never received the tent. You can check the comments section there. They raised more than $1M and ran away with the money.


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