XINCADA Men’s Backpack: The Durable Modern Rucksack

By John Cruz

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Welcome to my Xincada Men’s Backpack review.

If you are in the market for a nice backpack for school, this is one to consider.

With its simple look, hidden safety features, and awesomely low price, this backpack will catch anyone’s attention.

With sharp looks and cool features comes the question of durability and validity on any purchase.

Will its lower price tag be worthwhile, or will a pricier pack be a better investment?

We will cover that in this review, so let’s dig a little deeper into this Xincada backpack.

XINCADA Canvas Backpack Overview


There are too many similarities to most modern backpacks nowadays.

They’re either too flashy and complex or made of weak material for cheap mass production. I’m sure I found the perfect middle ground with a bit of a unique spin.

The XINCADA Men’s Backpack is a draw-string rucksack made from a highly durable canvas.

When you think of travel backpacks, this one might come to mind.

Leather straps and zippers line the tough canvas backpack for a unique vintage feel.

This backpack is designed to be dropped, picked up, and moved around without being too cautious.

The canvas protects its contents, and individual padded pockets also protect them.

This canvas pack is also a solid choice if you like the minimalist look.

It boasts a bold statement that you’re on the move and shows that you have a different taste than most.

You don’t need a flashy design, but you don’t want the plain look of other backpacks.

The XINCADA Canvas Backpack comes in 4 different color/design combinations.

They’re each a different shade of tan, but there’s enough variation to see a change in tint.

Think about it this way: How many tan canvas backpacks do you see?

Probably not very many, I would assume.

They’re a unique style choice and a highly durable one.

The Top Features of this Canvas Backpack

The canvas backpack by XINCADA has average dimensions of 11 by 10.24 by 18.5 inches.

There’s not too much room to the point where the backpack slumps.

It’s a perfect space to store your laptop, iPhone, notepad, and more.

Speaking of which, there’s a removable protective laptop bag in the pack as well.

If you want some extra cushion to protect your electronics, you can wrap them up in the bag, and you’re good to go.

Otherwise, clear up some space and take it out.

Another cool thing about it being a drawstring canvas backpack is that it has a massive capacity.

You can stuff this thing to the brim with much more gear than a traditional backpack.

The drawstrings allow for a little flexibility along with the nearly tear-resistant canvas.

If you’re not satisfied with the design or fit for whatever reason, they have a 3-month return policy.

Not too bad for something that you’ll most likely use daily.

A longer return policy translates to higher confidence in their product.

What I really like about this pack is that it has a handle that allows for quick grab-and-go type encounters.

Quality of the Backpack


The XINCADA Canvas Backpack is incredibly durable due to the natural strength of canvas.

The cotton is densely woven to prevent manufacturer holes, ensuring you get a good quality product.

There’s nothing worse than receiving something from Amazon that’s already broken, and XINCADA completely understands that.

Leather on the straps and zippers protects them from damage and sunlight. Over time, straps usually become sun damaged.

The leather weather-proof straps prevent this from happening, expanding your backpack’s life.


You can never be too careful these days as too many people are trying to take what they can from you, and it is becoming much more common with backpacks.

I have seen way too many backpacks promise to be “anti-theft” to find out that they don’t work.

The pockets that weren’t supposed to be easily accessed get broken into, and there goes some important stuff that you thought was safe.

With the Xincada Men’s Backpack, the safety pocket is behind the backpack, so it is almost impossible for anyone to get into that pocket, let alone see it.

Not to say that it isn’t possible, but having a hidden pocket is a lot better than having it visible and in plain sight for thieves to even think about robbing you.

Final Thoughts

This canvas backpack is one of a kind, not just in canvas backpacks but in all backpacks.

It’s far cheaper than most of its competitors and still has a few extra features.

The removable laptop bag and the drawstring are just a few of them.

If you want a recommendation for a new backpack, check this one out.

No matter what you’re using it for, it’s durable enough and ready for the challenge.

Personally, this backpack is one of my favorites. I’m all about minimalism and efficiency, and this canvas pack has both.

If you like the style of the Xincada, I’m sure the price will make you smile even more.

At under $50, this will be a great everyday carry or just another backpack to add to your collection.

I give this bag two thumbs up and definitely recommend it.

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