Bellroy Passport Sleeve Review – Functional and Sleek

By John

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My passport once used to sit in a small pocket of my backpack but it now sits in the Bellroy Passport sleeve.

It’s now protected and is covered by some nice leather.

Should you get the Bellroy Passport Sleeve or is this just a waste of money?

This review will show you if this is actually a worthwhile investment or just a waste of your hard-earned money.

Let me just say that I am a huge fan of Bellroy products but I will still be giving you my utmost honest opinion as well as other products that I think might be a better fit for you.

Quick Review


The Bellroy Passport Sleeve is exactly that.

A sleeve.

There will be no opening or velcro besides a nice little tab that allows you to pull your card out.

If you are in the market for a wallet and you want one that can actually hold your passport, I recommend you spend a couple of extra dollars and get a full-on wallet.

I like the Bellroy Travel wallet even if I settled for the Notebook Cover Mini, which isn’t a wallet but rather a place to store my passport along with a little notepad.

So if you are simply looking for a way to carry your passport, I think you can do just that with the Notebook Cover Mini, which just sits in my underwear drawer ready for me to grab when I am traveling.

If you have not seen the video on the Bellroy site, this will give you a better explanation of what it can really do.


If you can understand that this is nothing more than a sleeve and you’re cool with that then go for it.

Personally, I think that spending a little extra on something with better quality is always the best route to take.

Going for the cheaper products comes with a price and you will always pay for it later.

If you make the investment, you can bet that you will get better quality and, most importantly, you will look that much cooler.

Quit being a cheapo and invest in something that you can be proud of wearing, all while impressing the ants and squirrels outside your house.

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