Bellroy to Release New Bag Line – Get a Preview of What’s to Come

By John

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Since Bellroy came out with its slim wallets I have been a huge fan.

After receiving my first iPhone 6 case, I knew this was a solid company that I would love to promote just from the packaging alone.

Just like any product, I put it through the test and it was just like I expected it to be.

The packaging was great and it reminded me of the type of clean and captivating marketing that Apple uses.

So with the launch of its bags coming soon, one can only hold back the excitement of what’s to come.

From the previews alone, I’m already a fan and I would like to share them with you.

Six Styles, Four Colors, Many Modes

That’s what you can expect with their initial launch, which will cater to almost any lifestyle out there.

Now check out some of their designs.


This is about all they have for us and I’m not really impressed.

I did like the last pic though as the inside has that Bellroy look to it, being that it’s simple and like always, very functional.

Fail or Success?

The last bag shown in the previews looks like something I would purchase but you can only see a sketch of the outside, which looks pretty simple.

The inside looks great so far but you can only get so much from just pics alone.

As soon as the products hit the marketplace, we will be sure to get our hands on at least one of them to let you know how they are.

Personally, I think this whole launch will be a 50/50 race unless they have a lot more to offer.


Design is not much of my taste, so Bellroy better have a better lineup or I won’t be purchasing one of their bags.

I’m more of the backpack type of guy anyways, so I’ll be waiting on the actual launch to see what they have in store for us.

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