You’ll Find These 10 Things in a Real Man’s Everyday Carry

By John

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Okay, so I know being a gentleman is a must and I have no problem with that.

What I can’t stand are men that act like girls and carry girl things.

Yup, I just said that.

So if you have lotion and a pair of nail clippers, you might want to repack that man bag of yours or turn in your man card.

Some of you might be touchy on the whole “man purse” argument, so if you hate it when someone calls your man bag a murse, man purse, or fag bag, you might want to defend it by carrying some actual gear for men.

Some might not be for your taste, desire, or even your needs, but do take this post as pure fun, advice, and flat-out an opinion from another dude.

Don’t take it to heart and just use it for what it’s worth.

Here are some things that I carry around in my man bag and this is strictly for the minimalistic, functional man that I am.

1.) A Multitool

Had to start this list off with the manliest object in the bag, even if it’s probably the last thing I would add.

Not only will you be needing this bad boy a lot of the time but what if that girl you want to take out to lunch needs a screwdriver for some stupid reason?

This is where you (the man) come to save the day.

Who said this was only good for screwing and cutting things?

Meet your next icebreaker!

“Who carries that?”

“Why would anyone carry around pliers?”

All the weird stuff can come out of this conversation but I’m sure she’ll find it to be cute and of course manly.

Hey, you might just be the next jack of all trades in your dream girl’s life.

Don’t go crazy and get one that comes with 300 different functions, unless you want to but a simple el cheapo multitool will do.

2.) At Least One pen

Don’t get carried away and start carrying like 10 pens just because you’re trying to fill your bag.

At the most, keep two pens in your everyday carry.

This is one thing that you will need the most and again, you can be that go-to for anyone needing to fill out or sign something.

Don’t forget to get it back though because this is one of those things that grows legs and walks away.

I keep one pen in my travel bag and I also keep one in my everyday carry because I always seem to lose them even if I try to keep track of them.

You can get one of them fancy expensive ones or even just a Bic pen that you wouldn’t mind one of your co-workers walking away with.

3.) Phone Charger

I’m a dad so phone chargers don’t really belong to me these days.

If I did have the choice, I would have one in my bag at all times but I just can’t find it in me to fork out the dough to get an extra one.

We have one in my office, in the living room, in our bedroom, and in the car.

I think that’s enough to go around and I guess that’s why I don’t feel the need to have one in my bag.

For those of you single and outgoing types of dudes, you might already have this in your carry as I’m sure this is essential to everyone.

Phones die a lot faster than we want them to, so having that little cable will always come in handy unless you have one of them little charging stations.

4.) Chapstick

Every time I go to Las Vegas I forget how dry it is over there and I always find myself having to buy another chapstick.

I come from a warmer climate, so I don’t use chapsticks on a daily like a lot of you but when I need it, it’s nowhere to be found.

This is why I had to add this to my carry and it will probably never leave either.

I use this bad boy for about a week and then it goes missing in my travel bag, so rather than having to buy one every single time, it will always be there when I need it.

I still use it occasionally but it is probably the least used item in my bag.

Well, I think it’s competing with the multitool so I guess you can say they’re tied.

5.) Deodorant

For the life of me, I could not spell deodorant!

Had the nice little squiggly line under it but I finally got it right.

Probably because I don’t go writing about deodorant regularly and probably because I don’t use it as often as some of you.

Depending on your BO level will be the deciding factor on whether or not you should have this in your everyday carry.

Me, I’m not that funky of a guy, so I only use deodorant once a month.

And no, I’m not exaggerating.

This might sound gross and unbelievable but I actually have a stick of deodorant that is over 2 years old and it is still around.

I’m far from being dirty so don’t think I don’t shower.

These genes I was given are pretty good as far as BO is concerned.

I guess you can put this in the same category as cologne, so you can use either/or, or even both.

6.) Napkins/Baby Wipes

I don’t know about you but I think I blow my nose every single day.

If I’m not blowing to get them boogies out, I’m using it for my kids.

Now you know I have kids and if you’re a parent like me, you know how handy baby wipes are and how important they are to your everyday life.

I use baby wipes on almost anything and not just a baby’s butt.

Sometimes I’ll even wipe the dash in our car when I’m waiting in line to pick up the boys from school and I’ll even use it to wipe my shoes down.

Napkins and baby wipes should be a part of your everyday carry, so consider getting these items soon.

Amazon has these Purifyou pouches that might be something you can use instead.

They are much smaller and fit for an adult.

And, if you want the manliest of wipes, you might want to check out some Dude Wipes.

7.) Chewing Gum

We all get bad breath so don’t go trying to tell me that you have no use for some good old chewing gum.

After keeping your jaws shut for even just 20 minutes, there comes a point in the day when you need to freshen up that funky mouth of yours.

Gum has come a long way from the days it used to be just “a stick”.

“Can I get a stick of gum?”

When was the last time you heard that?

Probably because they come in so many different forms these days.

What I can’t believe is that these sticks of gum are still around!

You would think that after all these new canisters and pouches for gum they would stop making them but I guess you can always count on a stick of gum.

Then again, they are a lot cheaper so it’s perfect for anyone in need of just a few “sticks”.

Not as cheap as they used to be but they are definitely the most affordable way to freshen your breath.

What happened to those Doublemint and Big Red commercials anyways?

Orbit and Icebreakers take over?


8.) Floss Picks

These things are just awesome.

Personally, I think flossing is the most satisfying but disgusting thing we do as humans.

Our mouths are a lot funkier than we think, so when you see someone with that bright smile, remember that they get food stuck in their teeth just like everyone else.

Keep some floss picks in your everyday carry and don’t just have them in there but actually put them to use and practice some good oral hygiene.

Having floss picks allows you to be somewhat discreet about the whole flossing then and you also don’t have to get your hands all gross trying to get some trapped food out, especially if you’re at work.

9.) Hand Sanitizer

This item is very much optional.

Personally, I don’t carry this around for two reasons.

One, I don’t want this thing spilling in my bag, and two, my other half has this thing in the car, in the rooms, and anywhere we happen to be.

Carrying one would just be overkill for me but it might work wonders for you.

Go with one of those travel-sized hand sanitizers and you should be good to go.

10.) Notepad

I love my smartphone and even the many apps that allow you to take notes, doodle, and help you make lists of all types of things.

One thing that I have always gone back to is a good old notebook.

For some reason, I always seem to find myself having more use of an actual hands-on type of note taking and I always carry a nice little notepad with me.

Even if I do work online, there’s nothing that can replace a good little notebook.

It’s just more productive to me and that is why I always have one in my everyday carry.

You can get one of those fancy leather ones or use a cheap little composition notebook as I do.

Depending on the size of your everyday carry will play a big part in your decision so use that brain of yours and get what works for you.


Well, there you have it, folks!

10 Things Your everyday carry should consist of.

These are some of the most useful things for me but I’m sure we all have different lifestyles and a definite need for other things.

I hope I didn’t offend anyone at the beginning of this article and if I did, I’m sorry.


Be a man and carry man things.

If you have space, throw in a small hydro flask or something because I think hydration is a big part of our everyday life.

I hope this article gave you some ideas on what to fill your everyday carry with.

In the end, your lifestyle and needs will fill your bag with the necessities so don’t worry about having it filled.

Times have changed and yes, the manbag is in!

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