The Bellroy Slim Sleeve is Probably My Most Favorite of All Their Products

By John

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The Bellroy Slim Sleeve is one of the company’s smaller wallets that is designed for the ultimate minimalist.

Being able to hold 4-12 cards and still be able to look really thin, is this the best of the best from Bellroy, or will they come up with something better?

Whether we want to hope that we don’t spend any more money, I’m sure we all want to see more awesome products come out of this company’s back pocket.

With marketing as slick as their design, it’s really hard not to give in.

What does remain is the question of whether or not this is actually a good buy or just a waste of money.

I will be answering that question along with many others within this Bellroy Slim Sleeve review, so allow me to break down this wallet for you so that you can make a wiser decision on whether or not to spend a good chunk of change on yet another mansessory that you probably don’t even need.


Bellroy Slim Sleeve Specs

  • Holds4-12 cards
  • 80mm x 95mm
  • Two quick access slots
  • pull-tab for less used cards
  • Premium leather


There is no question about Bellroy’s ability to deliver in this department, and this probably plays the biggest part in our buying decision.

Personally, I like anything simple yet functional, and that is exactly what you get here.

Simple pieces of leather and a few strings?

I guess that’s what makes this wallet so attractive, right?

Check out the video below if you haven’t already seen their marketing in action.


Is the Slim Sleeve just for show, or does it actually do its job?

I didn’t expect them to fall short in this category; of course, they didn’t let me down.

Just like their iPhone phone case, it is very much designed for those of you who carry around a bunch of cards, just like I do.

I definitely have my most used cards that used to be the only ones to follow me into a store, but with something like this, I don’t have to make my other cards feel lonely.

Then you have that little pullout tab that allows you to access the other cards, which actually works normally, unlike others that are either too snug or too loose.

Not a fan of these tabs, but at least it looks nice.


Here’s where Bellroy falls a little short on its products and is not really bad, but it’s not the best.

I know we shouldn’t be throwing these things around and all that, but you’d expect something over $50 to take on anything.

I have kids, and a lot of the time, they want to play with dad’s things, and yes, they do put them in their mouths without me seeing them.

Gross, I know, but what can we do?

With a little slobber here and there, I noticed some discoloration, but that was pretty much it.

If you don’t have anyone trying to eat the wallet, then you should be good to go.

You are actually getting what you pay for.

The Price

Along with the design, this is probably another key player in whether or not you will ultimately make the purchase.

The Bellroy Slim Sleeve definitely has a fair price, in my opinion, although it might be a bit pricey for some.

I see it that if it were below $50, everyone will have one, leaving you without that unique wallet.

I mean, how many people do you know that own a Bellroy product?

Their advertising is on point, very much like apple, so it is really hard not to pull out that credit card and order one of their products.

On the official Bellroy site, you can buy the Slim Sleeve for $79.95.

I also recommend the Bellroy Travel Wallet for those of you who are on the go a lot and need somewhere to put your passport.

Overall Rating: 9/10

It’s very hard to give this company a poor rating simply because they offer quality products as well as a warranty no matter what happens to your product.

With their 3-year warranty, you really can’t go wrong.

I have returned a product through them before, and they gave me a new one, no questions asked.

As a matter of fact, I asked if I could get another product and pay the difference and all I had to do was purchase the product, tell them what it was, and then they put the money back in my Paypal account.

I give the Bellroy Slim Sleeve two thumbs up, and a definite must-buy if you are in the market for a slim wallet and a nice-looking one.

3 thoughts on “The Bellroy Slim Sleeve is Probably My Most Favorite of All Their Products”

  1. i’ve always found it very difficult to make decisions on wallets, large types are definitely out for me as my preference is for one that fits in my jeans pocket.
    Also I want one with a zip or a press stud fastener as i worry about my cards falling out.

    Can you recommend any of this type please?

  2. Right off the bat i love the light brown color. I tend to purchase belts, wallets, shoes, and pants that are this color.

    I really like the slim profile because bulky wallets make it uncomfortable to sit down and i often just have my wallet sitting on the dashboard or table that i’m at.

    I, like you, tend to have a lot of cards most being loyalty cards for specific places that i shop at frequently so its nice to see that i can store up to 12 cards neatly.

    Since you mentioned some leather discoloring due to the young ones did you notice if the leather scratched easily?

    I can agree with the price that’s set. I’ve learned in the past that you get what you pay for. Those cheap $15 wallets that places like Kohls sells are very nice looking but its a task to get the cards in and out. The stitching also tends to be poor leading to them tearing.

    I’m not one for throwaway products.

  3. I think it is fun that wallets actually have names…besides wallet that is. But I guess they deserve one, too.

    This does look like a very nice wallet although I have never spent that much money on a wallet before. that is a good pair of shoes right there.

    thank you for your review.


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